May 2, 2012

SOCPM Prayer Request for the ministry

SOCPM Praises and Prayer Request
May 2, 2012


While attending the Together for the Gospel Conference 2012, I met several men form Ligonier Ministries more recognizable for some when refered to by the founder's name R C Sproul. Through this meeting and subsequent e-mails, Ligonier Ministries is wanting to support SOCPM through the providing of various materials for distribution, discounts of 40% for books and 70% for video, a scholarship to their National Conference in 2013 and back issues of their monthly magazine Tabletalk for distribution to SOCPM students.

I had a recent meeting with the Chaplain of Sheridan Correction who has been on staff a few months to hear his vision and it matches well with the vision of SOCPM. We plan to meet again to see how we together can glorify Godin pursuit of those visions.

Though not finalized I’m tentatively scheduled to meet with the Chief of Chaplains for Illinois Department of Corrections to discuss some of the needs he sees IDOC needing for teaching from a Christian perspective. With the fore mentioned support from Ligonier and existing support in the same capacity from Desiring God Ministries (John Piper) it is my hope and prayer that SOCPM can assist the Chief Chaplain in bringing glory to God by teaching those needs.

IDOC has assigned a temporary chaplain at Dixon. This will relieve the heavy workload for the Assistant Warden of Programs in meeting the requests of SOCPM by placing them under the chaplain, whom I’ve met and just today (May 2) sat down with to get things in motion for the 3rd Renewing Fatherhood class and hopefully the start-up of Discipleship 101 come June and came a way with re-engerized hope for God's glorification at Dixon.

The workbooks for Dixon’s Renewing Fatherhood program were at long last distributed to the remaining students in a big part with thanks to the chaplain now in place at Dixon.

I finally completed the time consuming task of entering the parole or the discharge date of all 205 men that SOCPM has interacted through some capacity of teaching into my Google calendar with the objective of remembering to have the SOCPM student prayer team lift them in prayer on those dates as they draw near (if you are not currently on the student prayer team but are interested send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you –


Even with a chaplain in place at Dixon Correctional Center I still ask for prayers that the class in fact do begin in June. 

I’m not one to jump into a spiritual warfare for every trial or challenge but I do sense spiritual warfare to be being more present and at a higher level in Dixon and Sheridan. I recently had an encounter with a correctional officer at Sheridan that the first negative interaction i've had there n the three years I've been going to Sheridan.

Speaking of correctional officers it is my hope to begin offering or taking steps of ministering to them in some capacity by year's end.

Safe travels and a successful seminar in a volunteer capacity with New Life Corrections’ instruction of ‘Transforming Incarcerated Dads’ to an expected class of 80 men at Big Muddy Correctional Center May 7-8.

I'm continuing to meet one on one with John at Kendall County jail. In my last visit Monday (April 30) John shared he had a bad day in court where he learned he is facing an additional 10 -15 years on an already 25 year sentence and is doing his best to accept the fact that he will die in prison.  Please pray for John to have peace and trust in God. Pray for the healing of those he has hurt (victim and family). As I've shared with personally with others I love doing prison ministry and hope God will use me for many more years but there is very dark reality at times, like John's situation where I need a big dose of the Holy Spirit to speak the words that van give John peace and hope. Please pray that I'm blessed with those words from the Holy Sprit and can relay them to the recipient in a living and caring manner.

            There is a possibility a member of my church will see a person from their extend family be sent to IDOC, pray that the truth and nothing but the truth will come known prior to the end of his trial.


Pray for Tom Beatty and the ministry God has called him to steward New Life Corrections. God continues to open doors for Tom and NLC but it is a heavy workload. He and teams he oversees are in numerous county jails and doing the “Transforming Incarcerated Dads” through out the state and much more. In particular IYC St. Charles where him and a man by the name of Mark Hopkins are teaching the Malachi Dads program to the youth is a very challenging call. Please pray God will give them perseverance and wisdom and a healthy and obedient response from the youth and staff at IYC.

SOCPM is in urgent need of additional reoccurring monthly support to cover expenses. Currently, monthly expenses are averaging $650. Reoccurring monthly support is $205. Thankfully one-time gifts have been a blessing in off setting some of these expenses and have reduced the need to be paid from personal finances.  Please pray that God will bring forth more ministry partners who can give monthly financial support.

Wisdom in developing the curriculum for a new class planned for Fall 2012. The class will focus on teaching the students how to interpret the Bible, having fruitful daily Bible study/devotion and prayer.

To continue being blessed in presenting the mission and vision of SOCPM to potential ministry resources and financial support partners. SOCPM is hoping to complete several administrative tasks (web site, brochures, etc.) with others who have offered their assistance. Please give thanks for God providing the gifts through the assistance of others and that a major piece if not all can be in place by July 1.

SOCPM is still seeking approval from Sheridan on providing the men or more specifically one student who has very limited reading to pursue the acquisition of electronic media to over come this limitation in his studying the Bible.

Special Gifts

The biggest challenge by far for me in my call to steward SOCPM is seeking financial support or asking others for gift of specific needs, especially in a time of a poor economy. But the bottom line is these are needs that I see as needing to be met for SOCPM to glorify God in persevering in our mission towards the vision. If you are a financial partner of SOCPM, I truly am grateful and for those whose heart may have the desire to give but simply do not have the financial means but lift SOCPM in prayer I too am very grateful for you as I see these prayers being answered.

However if God is putting on your heart to provide towards some current needs in part or in full or perhaps know of someone who may choose to give please forward them SOCPM’s needs which currently are,

1.    A high capacity printer that can meet the high needs of weekly printing and relatively low maintenance costs. Early research shows the cost of such a printer will be $400 - $500.

2.    I’m constantly looking to personally grow in my knowledge of Gods Word through personal study and reading of God’s Word which in return will be beneficial in my ministering to students or others. A great tool to assist in this is Logos Leadership Library software $325

3.    There is an ongoing need of office supplies and other materials that would be a welcomed gift and are listed on the Amazon Wish List  “SOCPM”

If you currently are not supporting SOCPM but would like to give a one time gift or know of someone who may be interested, tax deductible gifts can be made to payable “Redeemer Fellowship” with the notation of “Prison Ministry” in the memo section (this is required in order for Redeemer Fellowship to know where the gift is to be directed).

Gifts can be mailed to Redeemer Fellowship 1125 Oak Street St. Charles, IL 60174

 Truly from a very grateful heart, thank you for you prayers and financial support.


For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)

Scott Kalas

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™

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