May 20, 2012

Jail-Mail May 2012


JAIL-MAIL from Chaplain Tom                                                                                                               May, 20, 2010


THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!  The MEASURE OF A MAN books are now being offered as a follow-up course to our DADS' CLASSES.


Thanks to you, we were able to purchase 1000 books! Actually, your generosity led to us receiving more than we needed for the 1000 books!  It did not work so we could purchase a 2nd 1000, and I determined to use the "excess" funds to provide for other DADS' CLASSES expenses, such as printing the class materials and Certificates of Completion.

The Class Materials we use in the DADS' CLASSES are:  (click on each class for more information)

1a - Defining the Problem                                         2a - Getting Started

1b - Pride, Humility, Grace & Trust                      2b - Getting Started insert

1c - The Fear of the Lord                                           2c - Class 2 Discussion

1d - Class 1 Discussion

1e - Humility                                           4a - Anger Management

                                                                                    4b - Why Drugs & Alcohol Have Such a Strong Hold

3a - Spirituality                                       4c - Conflict Resolution

3b - How To Read The Bible                    4d - Why I Don't Use Alcohol & Drugs

3c - Is My Faith Genuine?                        4e - Handling Stress

3d - Life-Changing Faith                          4f - Class 4 Discussion         

3e - Class 3 Discussion                                                                   7a - Fathering 

                                                                                                      7b - Class 7 Discussion

5a - Distant Dad                             6a - Relationships                   

5b - Class 5 Discussion                    6b - Relationships insert         

                                                                         6c - P-rn                                            Top 10 Inmate Resources 

8a - Leadership & Discipline           6d - Chastity                           Ex-Offender Aftercare            8b - Class 8 Discussion                    6e - Class 6 Discussion            The Test of Time



God is graciously blessing us with "open doors" to present these Gospel-centered DADS' CLASSES to many, many HUNDREDS of inmates.   He's also blessing us with the ability to be good stewards. Please pray God will continue blessing us with honor in the eyes of the correctional officials, and we will be attractive & effective ambassadors for Christ.  If you might be in a position to help financially, we'll be very grateful.


Click here to donate.            Please designate to NEW LIFE CORRECTIONS.



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