June 25, 2013


Title: Between A Rock And A Grace Place
Author: Carol Kent
Publisher: Zondervan (September 16, 2010)
Pages: 224

In reading STORIES OF FAITH AND COURAGE FROM PRISON by CONNIE CAMERON and JEFF PECK, I was lead to MS KENT’S book, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A GRACE PLACE. I hadn’t expected to get as much from it as I did. Not only are you given a glimpse into the life of the Kent’s, but stories from others that have gone through trials in their lives.

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A GRACE PLACE by CAROL KENT is not just for those with a loved one that’s incarcerated. It’s for those that volunteer in the ministry, work in the system, or have experienced some really tough times in their lives.


Chapter 1: Grace in the Hardest of Places, Surprised by Faith

Chapter 2: Angels in Disguise, Surprised by Mercy

Chapter 3: Longing for a Better Life, Surprised by Contentment

Chapter 4: The Secret Power of Gratitude, Surprised by Thanksgiving
Chapter 5: Unexpected Kindness, Surprised by Favor

Chapter 6: Why Do You Weep? Surprised by Joy

Chapter 7: A Different Kind of Liberty, Surprised by Freedom

Chapter 8: Dwelling in the Grace Place, Surprised by Adventure

Epilogue: The Ultimate Surprise

I included the contents because it really speaks of what’s between the pages. Trust, compassion, faith, hope, joy, and love.

We all go through trials and tribulations at one time or another in our lives. But what separates us is how we handle them, along with what we take away from it. With God’s love and amazing grace, we can get through anything He places in our path.

April 10, 2013

Short-term Mission Trips - into prison!

             from Chaplain Tom                April 10, 2013
Two of our most-fruitful outreaches - reaching 1000's for Christ!
To view a short video on these Missions Opportunities, please click here.
2-Day Mission Trips into Prison
Sun. afternoon - Tues. evening
10 volunteers per trip into IL State Prisons & Federal Prisons.  Must be security-approved in advance by submitting DOB & SSN.
18 & older, no felony convitions.
DADS ONLY.  (Sorry, Ladies.)
  • May 6 - 7, Pekin FCI - filled.
  • June 3 - 4, Pontiac MSU - filled.
  • June 17 - 18, Dixon CC - room for 1 more!
  • July 1 - 2, Pekin FPC - room for 4 more!
  • July 15-16, Danville CC - room for 8 more!
  • August 5 - 6, Lawrence CC - room for 2 more!
  • August 19-20, Big Muddy River CC - room for 9 more!
  • September 9 - 10, Greenville FCI - room for 6 more!
  • Sept. 23-24, Menard MSU - room for 8 more!
  • Oct. 7 - 8, Vandalia CC - room for 3 more!
  • Oct. 21-22, TBA, room for 9 more
  • Oct. 26-29, (4 days - 2 prisons), Vienna & Shawnee CC - room for 8 more!
  • Nov. 4 - 5, Jacksonville CC - room for 5 more!
  • Dec. 2 - 3, Taylorville CC - room for 5 more!
  • Dec. 16-17, Southwestern IL CC - room for 9 more!
Please note:  On these Dads' Seminar Trips, we all pay our own expenses.  This usually includes two motel nights, gasoline, and some meals (probably $125 - $150).
1/2-Day Mission Trips into Prison
Saturdays, 8am - Noon 
10 volunteers per trip into Stateville NRC Unit
Must be security-approved in advance by submitting DOB & SSN to Chaplain Tom.
18 & older, no felony convitions.
  • April 20 - filled, no more room
  • May 18 - filled, no more room
  • June 8 - filled, no more room
  • July 20 - room for 2 more!
  • August 17 - room for 2 more!
  • September 21 - filled, no more room
  • October 5 - room for 2 more!
  • October 19 - room for 2 more!
  • November 16 - filled, no more room
  • December 21 - filled, no more room
Please note!  On these Literature Distribution Trips, we bring our own literature!  I recommend 75-100 books, magazines, etc.  As your church to help you collect literature!
Please pray with us!
The 200+ volunteers of the
NEW LIFE CORRECTIONS MINISTRY are having a significant impact on Illinois' prison inmates.
We're praying for MORE OPPORTUNITIES to take more Christian witnesses into more prisons, more often, to impact more inmates!
Please, if you're unable to go on these Mission Trips, please pray for us!
The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.  - Matthew 9:37-38
For more information on these Missons Opportunities, please feel free to contact Chaplain Tom at tbeatty@waysidecross.org.
Chaplain Tom will WELCOME an invitation to come to your church, your Sunday School Class, your Small Group, your Bible Study, your Civic Club... Please contact Chaplain Tom - tbeatty@waysidecross.org
New Life Corrections Miniistry
a division of Wayside Cross Ministries
215 East New York Street
Aurora IL 60505

February 26, 2013

Dads' Seminars - since 2011...and upcoming EXCELLENT training


              from Chaplain Tom

February 26, 2013







Saturday, March 23

9 AM - 3:30 PM

Wayside Cross Ministries

215 E. New York St.

Aurora IL 60505


"Helping Inmates Break Sinful Habits"

presented by

Rev. Rich Hines


Session 1

Teaching Inmates to

Cease from Violence


Session 2

Teaching Inmates to

Accept Responsibility


Session 3

Addressing the Sin of Theft


Session 4

Dealing with Lying -

Learning to Tell the Truth


Session 5

Questions & Answers




It's FREE!

Even lunch is included!

A free-will offering

will be received.




To register, please email Chaplain Tom at




And...if you want more in-depth








 March 19-22

plus the


Saturday, March 23rd



New Covenant Bible Church

4N780 Randall Road

St. Charles IL 60175


This will be our third week of Academy classes.  Four weeks are required to receive a Credential.


It is not necessary to do the four weeks in a specific order.  

Join us now!


This week will focus on

Biblical Preaching & Teaching


Inmate Culture & the Word


Please click here for



Please click here for SCHEDULE


Please click here for an


(It is not necessary for return

students to apply again.)


COST?  $90


For Academy information, please email



Please do not email Chaplain Tom for Academy Information.



Chaplain Tom is available to come to your church, your Sunday School Class, your Small Group.


Contact Chaplain Tom at



Our volunteers are GROWING Christians!  Please join us in our journey to Christlikeness!


We need your fellowship and encouragement!


on the road to IL prisons

Presenting the Gospel in the context of Fatherhood


who don't want their kids to follow them!


because real change is promoted!


OUR FIRST ROAD TEAM - April 4-5, 2011

We really had no idea how well these 2-Day Seminars would be received.  We had been presenting our eight Dads' Classes as weekly classes in some County Jails and in one prison - Stateville, a maximum-security facility in Joliet, IL.  We tried holding weekly classes in the Minimum Security Unit (MSU) of Stateville, but with the inmates' work schedules, it just didn't work.  At the suggestion of Stateville's Chaplain Adamson, we formatted the eight Dads' Classes into a 2-Day Dads' Seminar. Then, Stateville MSU just didn't seem to be able to schedule it. So, we reached out to Dr. Dee Dee Brookhart, the Clinical Services Supervisor (now Assistant Warden) of the Robinson Correctional Center, offering to bring the 2-Day Seminar "on the road."  The response?  "How soon can you do it?"


Four of us presented the first Dads' Seminar.  We had 60 inmates in one crowded room.  It was a bit hectic, doing something new for the first time.  The whole seminar was observed by the Clinical Services staff, and in the end, it all worked very well! In fact, Dr. Brookhart's next response was, "Can you take this to all the men's prisons, statewide?"  Hoorah!  We had hit a "home run!"




These 40 men, all Dads themselves, have teamed up 24 times now, to present the DADS' SEMINAR.  Now, not all 40 go each and every time...our ROAD TEAMS usually consist of 6 - 10 men for each prison.  Inmate attendance has been up to 120, usually numbering 30 - 80.  With Small Group discussions after each of the eight classes, the larger the ROAD TEAM, the smaller the Small Groups, and the smaller the Small Groups, the more effective is the Seminar.



Some of the volunteers present some of the classes, using Power Point.  All of the volunteers facilitate Small Group discussions.  We give each inmate brochures on each of the classes and some books to keep.  After presenting and discussing all the classes, we watch the movie COURAGEOUS, and each inmate receives a Certificate of Attendance. 


All of us on the ROAD TEAMS pay our own expenses, which of course, we keep to a minimum.  We carpool to split the gas, and share motel rooms.  We do "treat" ourselves to a good meal or two.




As stated above, the more volunteers we have on each ROAD TEAM, the smaller the Small Groups, and the more 

effective is the Seminar.  We've had a couple times when we've had 15 - 20 inmates per Small Group, and while it worked, it just was not the best.  So, we're praying for 10 men per ROAD TEAM.



Born-again                A Dad            18 years & older           

Pastor's recommendation          No felony convictions




CLASS 1 Defining the Problem & God's Plan to Solve the Problem

CLASS 2 Getting Started - Learning from our Past & Setting Goals

CLASS 3 Spirituality, Religion & Christianity

CLASS 4 Handling Anger, Drugs, Alcohol & Self-Control

CLASS 5 Distant Dad - Becoming a Specialist, Empathy

CLASS 6 Relationships - S-x, Marriage, Love & Lust

CLASS 7 Fathering - The Perfect Father, Being a Good Example

CLASS 8 Leadership & Discipline

CLASS 9 "Courageous" the movie

Small Group Discussions between Classes




May 6-7, Pekin Federal Prison - room/need for 4 more!

June 3-4, Pontiac State Prison - room/need for 3 more!

June 17-18, Dixon State Prison - room/need for 3 more!

July 1-2, Pekin Federal Prison Camp - room/need for 6 more!

August 5-6, Lawrence State Prison - room/need for 6 more!

Sept. 9-10, Greenville Federal Prison - room/need for 9 more!

October 7-8, Vandalia State Prison - room/need for 3 more

Nov. 4-5, Jacksonville State Prison - room/need for 6 more!

Dec. 2-3, Taylorville State Prison - room/need for 5 more!

More to be scheduled...




Step #1 - Pray!  Does God want you involved?

I really don't have the spare time.  That's OK.  God doesn't want your spare time.  He wants your prime time!

I really don't have the money!  Did you do Step #1?  I suspect that if God wants you involved, He will make a way! Please repeat Step #1.

I don't meet all the qualifications.  Back to Step #1 - I suspect that God wants you involved, and you don't qualify to be on a ROAD TEAM, there are other ways He wants you involved.  We also need prayer, money, and recruiters to tell others of the opportunities.

Step #2 - Decide which prison/date for which you want to apply.  Mark your calendar.  Repeat Step #1.

Step #3 - Send Chaplain Tom your SSN & DOB, for the prison to run their security check on you.  Repeat Step #1.

Chaplain Tom's email is tbeatty@waysidecross.org.




If you might be in the position to help financially with printing costs, etc., you could please donate online or you send a check to the NEW LIFE CORRECTIONS MINISTRY, 215 E. New York St., Aurora IL 60505.  THANK YOU!