DISCLAIMER: Through Amazon, ACFW, Authors and Publishers, I’ve been blessed to be an influencer for many books. When I review books, movies or music for review, it’s my opinion and mine alone. I do so because I love to share my thoughts on what I’ve read, watched, or listen to. I give an honest review, though I don’t believe in bad mouthing others. Writing is subjective and they’re real people behind the stories, movie screens, lyrics and music.

Many of the books I review are not ones I’ve accepted to be an influencer. The ones that I have, I haven't received any compensation for, only that I give an honest review.

For a list of items I received from Amazon Vine, an Author or Publisher, please see my reviews on Amazon.
The prison artwork I've obtained is posted with permission from the owner/originator and is not to be used from this site without permission, along with any other postings.
DISCLAIMER REGARDING MY BLOG: Before reposting/using any material from my blog, please contact me via email for permission.

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