May 6, 2012

Student prayer requests for week of April 30 2012

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request Wednesday May 2, 2012

Joseph – Pray for my family, Michelle, children, friends, the Thompson 7 Weston families.

Anthony – Pray for my wife and kids that they’re doing ok and that they get the time to write me soon. Pry that they let me go to work and my dad starts showing that he cares about me and loves me.

Dylan – Please pray for my kids Victoria, Brayden, Ella, Clabe and that my brother Jesse that he makes it outside prison and my sister Emily.

Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday May 4, 2012

Renewing Fatherhood

None submitted

Discipleship 101

Lemont – I ask for you to say a prayer for my kids and me asking God to bring us closer then we’ve ever been.

Robert – Please pray for my family, my three children. Also please pray for my brother’s family. Please pray for them men that leave her and that they’ll seek Christ. Please pray for the parole agent and my DOC counselor so I can get my parole situation squared away. Also pray that I stay strong and remain growing in the Lord and that I do not get anxious about my parole.

Dean – Prayer’s for my father day-to-day, prayer for my family in general. Pray for my Aunt, she’s fighting cancer and is having a rough time. Pray for my family and loved ones be kept safe and on a positive path. Prayers for the our leaders of this state and country, prayers for Scott my teacher for happiness and wellness. Thank you and God bless

Pray for my teacher Scott and for his ministries needs Amen

Adam – Please pray for my family to keep them safe and healthy and to keep us together. Thank you

Johnnie – I would like for you to prayer for Dean’s father’s health.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for me that I can stand the day to day attacks of the evil one.  I’ve been growing through some trying times and at times I get to the point of almost giving up. Today giving up is not an option for me, but it does get hard. So I ask you to pray for me that I have perseverance and diligently keep up the fight. Thank you

Dominique – Please pray for me to be a better man to go out in the world and be able to love myself, love all people and love God. Thank you and God bless you.

Christopher – Please pray for my significant other that she gets out of the situation that she’s in before gets herself in a financial position she can’t get out of. Pray that some type of good time will come back before or after they make their budget cuts in May.

Louis – It’s sad to say this but please pray for my son to move in here with me. He is here at Sheridan C. C. and I would like to pray that God would change Him. I want to bring him to God to be a child of God. Also pray for my mom, and dad that they stay healthy. I pray for peace in the world.

Name not given – Pray for Joseph S., Spiritual revival, increased faith, Leroy Johnson for forgiveness of past hurts and help in letting goof resentments, Blount Family – Accept the gift of salvation, Adrian R., comfort his heart knowing God has his family in his care and protection. Pray for Adam K., Kevin A., Rich B., overcome discouragement as they have been kicked out of Westcare programming (counseling) Marvin A., overcome alcoholism, uniting of the Mueller family. Louis, care and comfort in the Lord’s care and protection for his son Louis Jr., Morris W., give up his life resentments up to God.

Richard – Please pray that my journey at Jesus is the Way be fulfilling and strengthens me in the Word and character of Christ. Pray also that I find my way into my son’s life and be a godly father. Blessed be yours.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother Loretta that she stays safe and healthy, my son Stephen was arrested and now sits in jail so please pray for him. that he obtain his driver’s license and stay safe, my brother George & Pete that the the Holy Spirit is with them, myself that I continue to find the strength too help others. I am waiting for a certain piece of mail for a possible job when I’m released.

Name not given – Please pray for my family and that I lead them closer to God.

Jon – I almost don’t know what to pray for anymore. So, I guess I would ask prayer for that God will lift me up and out of the depression that I’m currently experiencing. Thank you

Paul – I would please be asking for prayer of mercy for my family, friends, family, neighbors, enemies and self.

Kendall County Jail

Prayer Request – Monday April 2, 2012

1 on 1 Discipling


John – John did not relate for any prayers specifically but in my visit Monday (April 30) John relayed he had a bad day in court. Without going into specifics he is facing a sentence that will leave him 84en he is released. Thus John believes he will die in prison. John is guilty and remorseful of his crime, which is deserving of the many years he will serve. Nonetheless to face the reality that you will spend the rest of your life and die in prison is a somber reality. Please pray for John to find a peace and that he will look and put his passion in Christ and use those years for His glory.



For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)







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