April 4, 2012

FW: SOCPM Partner Prayer Request

SOCPM Praises and Prayer Request
Wednesday, April 4, 12

Hi SOCPM Prayer Partner

I hope this prayer request finds you doing well. Several items to lift in prayer and I thank you for those prayers for the ministry


The Elders of my church Redeemer Fellowship have agreed for my being licensed in prison ministry under the church which will allow remove some current restrictions in my ministering to men in county jails.

Sheridan Correctional Center's Spring 2012 "Renewing Fatherhood" and 2nd module of "Discipleship 101" have begun. Despite some early dropouts in the fatherhood class the students are enthusiastic in learning.

SOCPM's volunteering with New Life Corrections' 2-day seminar "Transforming Incarcerated Dads" continues to be well received by inmates and prison chaplains in the prisons downstate. Recent trips to Vienna, Lawrence, Stateville MSU, and Taylorville have seen 100+ dads successfully complete the seminar. God has blessed us with safe travels and good fellowship among the volunteers.

Attendance in this session of Discipleship 101 at Sheridan is 90%+

The issuing of passes to the students to attend 'Renewing Fatherhood' at Dixon has been improving the past two weeks.


Despite the improvement of passes at Dixon Correctional Center for "Renewing Fatherhood" several students are still without workbooks after 6 weeks; please pray the students will receive their workbooks without further delay.

Continued Safe travels and a successful seminar in a volunteer capacity with New Life Corrections' instruction of 'Transforming Incarcerated Dads' in upcoming trip to Big Muddy River scheduled for May 6 – 8.

I will be attending a 3-day conference (plus 2 days travel) "Together for The Gospel 2012" with 3 other men from my church April 9-13.  Please pray for our safe travel and that all will be blessed with the teachings and fellowship with other attendees towards our being more equipped call of service to glorifying God and enjoying Him.

Wisdom in choosing and developing curriculum for a new class planned for Fall 2012. The class will focus on teaching the students how to interpret the Bible, and fruitful daily Bible study/devotion and prayer.

SOCPM is in urgent need of additional reoccurring monthly support to cover expenses. Currently, monthly expenses are averaging $650. Reoccurring monthly support is $205. Thankfully one-time gifts have been a blessing in off setting some of these expenses and have reduced the need to be paid from personal finances.  Please pray that God will bring forth more ministry partners who can give monthly.

To better promote the mission and vision of SOCPM to potential ministry resource and financial support partners SOCPM is hoping to complete several administrative tasks (web site, brochures, etc.) with others who have offered their assistance. Please give thanks for God providing the gifts through the assistance of others and that a major piece if not all can be in place by July 1.

SOCPM is still seeking approval from Sheridan on providing the men or more specifically one student who has very limited reading to pursue the acquisition of electronic media to over come this limitation in his studying the Bible.

Special Gifts

SOCPM is in need of a high capacity printer that can meet the high needs of weekly printing and relatively low maintenance costs. Early research shows the cost of such a printer will be $400 - $500.

I'm constantly looking to personally grow in my knowledge of Gods Word through personal study and reading of God's Word. A great tool to assist in this is Logos Leadership Library software $325

There is an ongoing need of office supplies and other materials that would be a welcomed gift and are listed on Amazon Wish List  "SOCPM"


For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)







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