April 29, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Request

Greetings awesome prayer warriors;


I was out of town in the early part of week and did not go to Kendall or Dixon but in this weeks prayer request I want to add a request on behalf of Dean in the Sheridan Discipleship 101 class. As you may recall his father is terminally ill and according to his doctors has a very short time. Through God's grace arrangements have been made to have Dean's father be brought to Sheridan today, Sunday, for Dean and him to have, unless God intervenes, their last time together. Dean feels his dad has been fighting to hold on for this moment. I ask for prayers for my dear brother and his dad that as hard as this visit may be in many ways that God would make it a joyful memory. That if his dad does not know the Lord that Dean will bare witness to what an awesome God he has come to know during his incarceration. Give praise and thanks to who ever took part in making this visit possible. Thank you


Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request Wednesday April 25, 2012



Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday April 27, 2012


Renewing Fatherhood


Chris – Would you pray for my family to remain safe while I’m away. Also that my wife gets through this time sober and safe

Paul – Pray for my sons and my court issues, my family, friends, enemies and surrendering my spirit needs a lot of prayer.

Name not Given – I pray that not only me but that all men that are trying to become a better fathers, find the strength and determination to become the father they should be for their children. In Jesus name amen.

Name not given – I would like a prayer to go out to Robyn and Jay to put their faith in the Lord. I want to pray for all the addicts who have no place to go or anybody to love them.


Discipleship 101

Robert – Please pray for the men that leave here and that they seek Christ. Also please pray for my family. I specifically have struggled recently with my parole plans and certain misunderstandings. Please pray for this confusion to be overcome by God’s will. At last please pray for me to continue to my walk with God and remain strong with God. His loving servant.

Paul – Please pray for my son Okic, my wife and the rest of the children. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother Loretta that she remain safe and healthy and that she make it up here this Sunday incident free. For my son Stephen that he continue to make rational decisions, my brother George that he find strength when it comes to fathering my son, for my brother Pete that he get some help for his addiction, for me that I receive the mail I’ve been waiting for, for Scott’s wife Michelle to continue to keep me focused.

Jon – Requesting pray for God’s hand to be on the decision as to where I parole to upon my release 09/21.

Dean – Continued prayer for my father, my Aunt and all of my family, prayers for my sons Michael and Christopher and especially my grandson.

Adam – Dear heavenly Father I would like you to pray for my family and loved ones to keep us together, strong and that everybody is healthy and safe and that they cherish You also. Thank you and God Bless.

Reginald – I want prayer for my family and friends also inmates here in Sheridan Correctional. I pray for Scott and his wife that Scott find someone to help teach so he won’t have to keep taking time from her.

Christopher – Pray I make the right decisions in the current situation I find myself in with my significant other for the past 15 years. Pray that I stick with that decision. Pray we get some kind of good time. Pray that I will receive the understanding and the patience of my Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that I will have the wisdom to understand God’s will in my life. Pray for my Lord and Savior to show me His will for my life. Pray that my daughter is going through a health and happy pregnancy.

Richard – Please pray that I grow stronger in the Word and use it to accomplish the work of Christ in the world> Please also pray that I am able to be a father to my son after my release.

Dominique – Pray for me to get a state loan TV and to get my life in order to be a better man. Thank you and God bless you. (Some may be questioning prayer for a materialistic thing like a TV. Dominique cannot read and has very little if anything to do in down time. In addition to his prayer request please pray I will get a response about getting Dominique an audio Bible which he also very much would desire)

Johnnie – I ask that you pray for the families that are being touched by all the ugliness that is going on around the world. Thank you



James – Pray for my family; Melick, Shericka, Ericka, Yolanda, James; that they may continue to be safe.


Kendall County Jail

Prayer Request – Monday April 23, 2012

1 on 1 Discipling




For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)

Scott Kalas


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™


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