April 7, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests

Greetings all

Greetings All;

A quick note to tell you several of the students commented how thankful they are for you prayers a couple have included prayer requests from their cellies. The desire for prayer request and knowledge of God's love continues to grow. Praises to Him for His response. 


As an FYI I will not be going into either Dixon or Sheridan next week as I will be a a conference in Louisville "Together for the Gospel" with three leaders from my church Redeemer Fellowship I ask for you prayers for safe travel and that we all would be blessed with great worship, teaching and fellowship.

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood

Prayer Request Wednesday April 3, 2012


William – Please pray for Dave S. and Jay G. Please pray for those who accept Christ to walk in the light and to shine to those who walk in darkness. In the name of Christ I pray.

Joseph – My family, Michelle, Sabie, Joanie, Crystal, Megan’s son, the Randolf and Thompson families, Kyle & Carolyn.

Shawn – I have never had the chance to be in my daughter’s life. I was drinking all of the time, but now I’m trying to be a better person and I really want the chance to be a father. Right now my daughter is with foster care. Please pray for me to be in my daughter’s life. Thank you.

Anthony – I would like for you to pray for my dad and that his cancer gets better and for my wife and kids to stay strong through this rough time we are going through. Pray that they’ll be able to make it up to see me real soon.

Dylan – Pray for my brother Jesse that he does not go to prison and he can get some help instead. Pray for my kids Braydon, Victoria, Ella, CAbe that they are safe and that I’ll see them soon. Pray for my sister Emily that she is safe. Thank you, God bless.

Zachary – Pray for my family that all things get better for everyone. To pray for the world with all it’s problems and to pray for everyone in general. Pray for me to get better and to be a better person and to get back with my wife and son in the future.


Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday April 6, 2012


Renewing Fatherhood


Jeff D. – I would like a prayer for my wife Suzie and kids Allie and Abbie being out there without their husband and dad.

Paul – I would like prayer for my family, for both my son’s and my court issues. Pray Jesus will help me to balance my emotions. God bless.

Name not given – I would like to put a prayer request for Ron’s mother. She had a stroke and is in the hospital and he has no chance of seeing her.

Chris S. – I need my wife prayer for, to help her be less stressed out, also more financial stability and to get through this time with me gone as a positively as she can.

Reginald – I would love for you to pray for my grandma, mother, grandkids and my children and family. I also would love if you would pray for this country and the inmates here in Sheridan Correctional Center all the helpers that come to help the inmates.

Michael M. – Prayer for all those involved in ministry that they be encouraged in the Lord to continue doing His work with renewed joy. Also pray that I will receive the revelation of God’s will for my life. Please pray for my Aunt Evelyn to receive the revelation that by Jesus stripes she has been healed of diabetes. Please pray for spiritual revival in Sheridan that the lights that God has here may direct the way to Jesus. Please pray for the spirit of forgiveness to wash over my family. Thank you.

Name not given – I would like prayer for my mother she had a heart attack and open-heart surgery. I like prayers for health and that she get stronger and healthier. Also pray for those who are going through the same situation. Also pray for my son who just got arrested for a DUI ask that God keep him safe while in the Cook County Jail and that he goes home and change his way of thinking and to keep me safe and strong in my faith and bring me closer to God. Also I pry for peace in this world. Please pray for all the inmates here at Sheridan C. C. that they all someday find a way to get closer to God and peace with all the I.D.O.C. staff.


Discipleship 101

Jon B – Greetings could you please pray for my former landlord Rosa’s mother who is 90 years-old, she was rushed to the hospital for heart failure, her name is Theresa.

Lemont – I ask you to pray for every brother in this class. I pray that God continues to bless us all in our walk with him. I pray that He bless our families and loved ones. I also pray that God bless Scott and his family.

Name not given – God place on me the wisdom and knowledge that the Holy Spirit wants me to know. In Jesus name Amen.

Dean – Prayers for my father who continues to struggle. I ask God to lift him back to health or please bring him home. I don’t want him to suffer anymore. Also prayers for the rest of my family, for myself, for my teacher and his upcoming trip to Kentucky, please keep Scott safe. Amen

Richard – Pray that I make the right decisions to accomplish everything I need to for God and in turn for my son and family. God bless.

Johnnie P. – I would like for you to pray for those families hi the ugliness of the world for their peace in the eye of whatever storm is before them. Thank you

Christopher M. – Pry that my family continues to be by my side in my time of need. Pray that my daughter Lea has a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. Pray that they may come back with at least 90 days good time.

Dominique – Pray for me to get a TV. No money for a TV. Thank you and God bless.

Antoine – I ask that you give thanks to God for me and pray for me to have more energy to do the tasks at hand. I ask that you pray for me for the strength and courage to keep going and following the Lord and for my family that they stay well and healthy and encouraged by Jesus. Thank you. God bless you.

Anthony C. – Please pray for my mother Loretta that she stay healthy and safe. Pray for my son Stephen that he passes driver’s license test and get his drier’s license. Pray for my brother Pete for help with addiction, brother George that he continue to find the strength to watch over my son, for my cellie Antonio M. that Jesus fill his heart with joy. That Jesus take over all his problems with family, that Jesus touch his mother’s heart with dealing with his kids. Pray for me that anything positive happen to me, for strength to get through each day, for the courage to tell bad to go away, and for a good response in the mail.

Robert M. – Please pray for my children and my mother, also for my brother and his family. Also pry for my friend and brother in Christ Gilbert, who needs some prayer for himself, Mia and Alicia his two daughters. Also please pray for me that I may continue to submit to Christ and walk with the Lord all of my days with courage asking for strength. Also pray for my injuries that God heal me.  His loving servant.

Kendall County Jail

Prayer Request – Monday April 2, 2012

1 on 1 Discipling


John – Because of a schedule I was unable to visit John this week but I ask you keep him in prayer as his day in court approaches. That John keep focused on God and surrender to God all things and to protect him from thoughts that may harm him.


For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)







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