March 24, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Request

Greetings to all;

Thank you for your ongoing prayer for the men below;


I do ask that you take special note of Dean from the Sheridan Discipleship class which I've pasted directly below. His father is near death and I don't know anything that is more difficult to encounter for someone in prison than the death of a loved one and not being with the loved one and family.  Please pray that God will intervene in a way only God can and bring the comfort that Dean will need.


Dean – Pray for my family and myself, as my father is not good I was told “anytime now” Also prayers for my Aunt whom is battling cancer. Also pray for my work release.

I've also added the prayer request from John who is awaiting trial in Kendall County Jail who I've been dicipling one on one.




Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request Wednesday March 21, 2012


Demetrius – Prayer for my children, my family, drug addicts, people in poverty, aids patients, dialysis patients, children without family, everybody from every walk of life, my sentence reduction lawsuit so that I can help provide for my loved ones and mother because she’s ill.

Dylan – Please pray for my brother Jesse that he goes in the right path. He just got out of prison. Pray for my sister Emily and her newborn that they are safe and my kids; Bryden, Ella, Victoria and Clabbe, pray for them and that I et to know where they are at. God bless you.

Timothy – Pray for my daughter Antoinette and myself. Please pray that she will be a blues woman singer and a very talented one at that and that she’ll grow-up to better understand me as a man of the blues ??? or myself in being a blues artist.

Jeff – My prayer request is for the lines of communication between my children and myself to be reestablished. In Jesus name Amen

Yawfe – To be able to get closer relationship with the Lord, to be able to leave the past behind me and move forward into what the Lord desired me to be. I would like to be a better man – being a better father to my children. I want God to bless me with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage, love guidance, stability, etc.

Zachary – To be a better father.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday March 16, 2012


Renewing Fatherhood


Name not given – I would like to ask for prayer on my son, that God would please keep him safe and out of trouble and to keep my parents healthy. I also ask for prayer on everyone here as Sheridan, let there be peace with each other and staff and peace through the whole world.

Robert M. – I ask for prayer for a young man named Xavier he’s going through some family trouble. He is here in prison and the mother of his child just moved to California with his child. I would like prayer for the families overseas going through problems daily. Pray for those that haven’t found Jesus and accepted Him in their life, that God find them and bring those in need of His will closer to Him. I ask for continued daily prayer that God’s will be done in my life and any other’s life that are willing.

Michael M. – Pray for spiritual growth in Sheridan so that all will hear the call of Christ. Prayer for myself to continued being strengthened by Jesus and the Word by the Holy Spirit teaching me meditation. Pray for reunification of the broken families and relationships around the world.

Paul – Heavenly Father thank you for your grace, mercy, love and forgiveness, bless my family, friends, neighbors and enemies. Help us in any court issues.

Reginald – I would like prayer for my family as a whole and for the people here in Sheridan Correctional Center and for Scott for coming out to share with us.

Name not given – I would like to put a prayer request in for Melanie for her to stay in touch with Jesus and keep going to church, a prayer request for Robyn and Jay to help them find the righteous path and to stay in good health.

Discipleship 101


Robert M. – Please pray for my mother and children. Carrie is my mother and Kyle, Riely, and Robert are my children. Please pray for me to be a good servant and be close to him. Also please pray that I am able to complete all my goals upon parole from here and that my relationship with my brother grows and we all are happy.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother that she continue to stay in good health and stays safe. Pray for son Stephen that he make wise choices and strive to finish school. Pray for my brother George that he find employment and continue to look after my son. Pray for my brother Pete that he at this point would just stay alive and hopefully get to the point that he sees he has a drug problem and be drawn to Jesus. Please pray for our group that we all receive what we are in search of. Pray for all the children without parents that they be adopted so that they can feel the love they deserve.  Pray for lower gasoline prices, are economy would pick-up, for a new president in November, for the men and women of war and their families. Pray for Michelle that she continue to give Scott the encouragement he needs so that he continues to help us.

Richard – Please pray that my days be a fruitful testament to the life of Christ and pray that I be reunited with my son Gabriel. God bless you and yours.

Adam – I would like you to pray for my family and loved ones to keep them healthy and safe and to keep us close. God bless you.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for me to stay strong and understand God’s word more and more. I also ask that you pray for my family. I ask that you pray for my mother, sister, son and my nephews that they all be filled with the Holy Spirit and be led by Jesus Christ and for all of us in prisons everywhere.

Lamont – I ask that you God bless Scott and his family. I pray that God continue to bless me and keep me humble in my walk with him. I pray for everyone in this class their families and loved ones.

Johnnie – I ask you to pray for my best friend forever as she calls me and ask me to prayer for her for her health and the wedge or wedges in between her path.

Dominique – Please pray for me to get a TV so I can watch church channel – Thank you and God bless you.

Jon – Requesting prayer for my cellmate who was diagnosed with heart trouble. Please pray that God will lay hands upon him and heal him. Thank you

Christopher – Pray that my daughter’s mom will figure out that she needs her around instead of her running around with another guy. Pray that she and the kids will come and visit me as soon as they can. Please pray that my significant other can handle the finances that have accrued since I’ve been gone and that I’ll be there to help again in 39 weeks. Pray that she will come to her senses and realize that we are made for each other. Pray that I continue to have patience with her in the time of need.

Kendall County Jail

Prayer Request – Monday March 19, 2012

1 on 1 Discipling


John – Please pray for everyone involved with my case, their families and friends for healing and support. Pray for my family and friends for strength and perseverance as we go through this horrible time. Please pray for the judges that they may show God’s mercy on me. Lastly pray for me that no matter what lies ahead for me that I may always be in God’s light and loving embrace.


For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)

Scott Kalas

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™


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