April 9, 2012

84 cents provides a Dads' Classes \"follow-up\"


from Chaplain Tom                                              April 9, 2012




This is an incredible opportunity!  

For 84 cents each, we can provide a significant

follow-up tool,for each of our

Dads' Classes graduates!



In 1984, Chaplain Tom (then "Bible College Student Tom") and his friend Roy Hensley began a Measure of a Man Bible Study in the Douglas County Jail in Omaha, Nebraska.   The author, Gene Getz, helped us then to obtain donated and discounted books. Chaplain Tom has been using Measure of a Man ever since, to teach men the character qualities of a mature Christian man.


Recently, Dr. Getz spoke at Moody's Founder's Week, and Chaplain Tom had a chance to meet with him.   Now, through a special arrangement with Dr. Getz, we have the opportunity to obtain 1,000 copies of the book Measure of a Man for $1.67 apiece.  (The book normally sells for $8 - $15.)    I want to take advantage of this offer!


It is my goal to obtain these 1,000 books to use them as a follow-up tool for our "Dads' Classes" graduates.  in 2011, we had 270 graduates. We're praying for at least 1000 in 2012.  (So far, we've had 327!)


Some friends have generously offered to put up half the money for the 1000 books and pay the shipping!  So, this essentially reduces the balance to 84 cents apiece! 


Would you please consider helping us obtain 1,000 Measure of a Man books at 84 cents apiece!  You could please send us a check (address below), or visit our website to give on-line.


Oh yes...if you can, please don't limit yourself to 84 cents.


$8.40 will buy 10 books!     $42 will buy 50 books!     

$63 will by 75 books! $84 will buy 100 books! 


PLEASE, to help me apply your donation strictly to MEASURE OF A MAN books, either note on your check MEASURE,

or make your on-line donation "in honor of" MEASURE. 


I'm praying for at least $840 from this appeal to purchase 1000 books.  

If I receive more than I need for the books - and please pray that I do! - 

any "extra" money will go to the Dads' Classes for inmates.


Thank you!

A "sneak preview" - Dr. Gene Getz will be the Keynote Speaker at our Annual Banquet this fall - Saturday, November 3rd, 6:30 PM, at Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove.  More details will come later this summer.


Dr. Getz is the Director of the Center for Church Renewal, and is on the Board of Trustees for Moody Bible Institute.  He's often heard on WMBI.


His new Life Essentials Study Bible is unique with imbedded video segments. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFbyRkykGVw.

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