December 4, 2011

SOCPM Prayer Requests December 2011

SOCPM Praises and Prayer Request
December 4, 2011


Parole of last year’s Malachi Dad graduates John P.

Successful kickoff of Fall programs ‘Renewing Fatherhood’ and ‘Discipleship 101’ at Sheridan Correctional Center and Dixon Correctional Center Though not directly related to SOCPM our town home has been sold and closing has passed. This sale will lift the financial burden of two mortgages in personal finances.

The purchase of curriculum books by the Assistant Warden of Programs to cover two years of programming at Sheridan. This will provide books for another 180 dads to enroll in ‘Renewing Fatherhood’ and up to another 180 men to enroll in ‘Discipleship 101’

A new member to the New Life Corrections’ team to grade Bible Study lessons from inmates in DuPage, Kane and Kendall county jails as well as Illinois prisons around the state.

Connection to several prison ministries at the COPE conference, one being Mercy Heart, which ministers to families and loved ones of the incarcerated.

Safe travels and a successful seminar in a volunteer capacity with New Life Corrections’ instruction of ‘Transforming Incarcerated Dads’ to 70 dads at Shawnee Correctional Center.


Despite assurance by Dixon staff, there are still no ‘Inside Out Dad Christian’ books for ‘Renewing Fatherhood’ at Dixon Correctional Center. The class is about halfway complete and the men are despondent in not having them. SOCPM would still like to see the men get the books that even if class is completed they can read and review. There is concern to if there will be books for future classes. The cost for 20 books is $200.

Road trip with New Life Corrections for fatherhood seminar December 5-6 at Jacksonville Correctional Center; traveling mercies, God glorifying teachings & open and softened hearts of the fathers. These road trips are well attended, strongly received and a plethora of thanks by the dads. However New Life Corrections needs volunteers and the average cost for SOCPM to participate is $150 per trip to cover; lodging, meals and share of travel costs.

One of the highest requests from men on what they like to be taught is Bible interpretation, how to pray, basic Christian doctrine, etc. Pray SOCPM can find solid curriculum that covers these topics and can be taught in a time frame that will accommodate SOCPM limitations in time.

Continued prayer for last year Malachi Dad graduate John P. pray for; housing in healthy environment, reconciliation with two daughters, church family, Christian mentor and eventual employment.

SOCPM is in urgent need of more reoccurring monthly support to cover various expenses; travel costs to the prison and meeting with other organizations and ministries, office supplies (use lots of paper and ink cartridges), etc.

 SOCPM graciously appreciates your prayers and financial support. To be a financial supporter please visit


Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™
P. O. Box 671
Cortland, IL 60112-0671




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