December 18, 2011

Student Prayer Request Week End of December 21, 2011

Thanks for your prayers

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood

Prayer Request – Wednesday December 14, 2011

Michael – I wish for healing, strength, wisdom, blessings and love in the other hearts to know things happen for the reason for the better and that there is a plan for us all who in their hearts truly believe that it’s true. But Father I also pray for true understanding of things we not yet know.

???? – I ask that the Father take care of my family and keep them strong.

David S. – Please pray for reconciliation in my family and there will be forgiveness. God bless 2 Corinthians 13:14, or my family to be built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and not on self.

Robert R. – Pray that God will bless me to do His will and bless and keep me in perfect peace. I ask for prayer to have the right attitude and desire to write my children, good, healthy and heart felt letters and get a good response from them as well as great joy and peace that our hearts would be comforted with God’s comfort. Amen. I also pray our heavenly Father to continue to let His will of perfection be done in everyone’s life that desires His favor. I pray that God will keep Scott’s family in perfect peace and God will reward him. Amen.

William S. – For the body of Christ the peace of God to understand the day, time and age that we are living in & how the prophecy of the Word of God is being fulfilled today, the trouble and His triumph.


Sheridan Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request – Friday December 16, 2011

No Prayer Request this week I for got to request them, sorry.


Sheridan Correctional Center Discipleship 101
Prayer Request – Friday December 9, 2011

Anthony – Pray for my mother Loretta that she remains safe and healthy. Pray for my son Stephen that he make wise choices and do well in school. Pray for my brother Peter that he finds help with his addiction. Pray for my brother George that he remains calm and finds employment also for the strength to continue to act as a father to my son.

Dean – Pray for my Aunt Helen’s beast cancer and who had surgery. My mom who is traveling to Virginia for the holidays, Kelly my ex-fiancé to bring her back to the Lord and to her family, my father Curtis whose health is poor and he continues to struggle, my two sons who are incarcerated and whom I hope to help and get closer with when I get out. Amen.

Yusef – Prayers for Toshiba, Satina and Courtney, including all family, friends loved ones and enemies as well.

Clarence – Today (12/16) is my mother’s birthday she passed away 22 years ago. My prayer request is that the power falls upon me for the manifestation of His glory in my life. In Jesus name Amen. Total deliverance from all sin, shame and doubt. In Jesus name amen Bombard heaven on my behalf saints and may the Lord use you all mightily in intercessory prayer.

Stephen A. – I need prayer for peace in my life and reunite my family and understanding toward people and patience and that Trenett, my kid’s mother and my children get in touch with me and He let me know if he wants me to go to Saint Leonard’s House on Kedzie.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for all us in prison that we will follow the Lord upon our return to society I ask that you pray for us to shine His light in the darkness of persons over the world. I ask a special prayer for my mother to comfort her and keep her in good spirits. I also thank God for His many blessings and for this ministry. In Jesus name Amen.

Richard – Please pray that I remain strong and courageous upon the path of God’s will for my life. Thank you all that are involved in this mission it is a true blessing and a wonderful time of fellowship in the body of Christ.

William D. – I’m in dire need of a blessing financially. I’m owed a payment on a settlement yet I haven’t received despite writing the consulting company that distributes the payment 3 times. My wife is challenged financially do to my absence so please pray that are difficulties financially will be relieved. Thank you very much

Robert J. – I’m praying for the homeless and the kid’s who’s calling out to the Lord and my family

William H. – My prayer for Scott, this ministry and his family. Please pray for my wife and my children that they all come into more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, His strength and protections. Thank you

Jon B. I am asking for prayer that God would prepare my heart for His purpose upon my release from Sheridan C.C. Please pray for Rosa, my ex-landlord whose mother passes away.

Rick D. – Pray for my family pray for the Mastr…. Family, for Wanda K who has liver cancer. Pray for Harriet who loves God very much.

Robert M. – First I like you to know my prayers are being answered with abundance. My son’s case worker told me on last Friday (12/09) that she intends to make sure I get full custody of my son once I prove myself fit to be father according to DCFS. So thank you for all the prayers. I would like to ask that you pray for my son’s mental health. He struggles with low self-confidence. He is 5 years old, also for my daughters and their relationship with Jesus. My mother needs you as well. Thank you. Also pray that I stay in His will doing His work by His guiding hands.


???? – That God through the Holy Spirit grant all the strength to turn the other cheek, for world peace and an end to al the needless killing from war, that all who leave Sheridan C.C. will be successful at a drug and alcohol free life, that the Word of God will be made clear throughout the world, that all children will receive proper guidance to live happy, healthy productive life. We ask all this in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Robert H. For more wisdom knowledge and understanding of the Word of God to come into maturity as a grown mature Christian to feat on the strong meat and truths in the Word.


Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;


Scott Kalas


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™
P. O. Box 671
Cortland, IL 60112-0671 


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