November 23, 2011

Prayer Request Sheridan - November 18, 2011



Greetings all;


At long last after the delay of acquiring all the text books the new ministry season at Sheridan has begun, praise God!!


Though the delay in acquisition of the text books pushed the start back a couple of praises came of it. The Assistant Warden of Programs at Sheridan was able to secure the funds to buy enough books to ensure enough books will be supplied for two years, which means a total of 8 classes for 'Renewing Fatherhood' which equals 160 men who can take the class. Forty copies each of the other four books that make up the total curriculum for 'Discipleship 101' will allow 40 men to enroll in each of the four modules that make up 'Discipleship 101.' 


As indirect result of that delay I was blessed with a leadership, a facilitators guide and a DVD for the Inside Out Dad Christian materials to be taught in the 'Renewing Fatherhood' class. To have acquired those on my own would have required the purchasing of a kit that costs $400. That would have come close if not totally depleting the SOPCM ministry funds. In short those the delays were frustrating they resulted in big praises!!! 


I've also am filled with joy that there are four men, Antoine, Clarence, Robert and Jon who were part of last year's Malachi Dad's class that are enrolled in 'Discipleship 101' Jon is now in his third SOCPM class!!! There were a few men from last year who had hoped to enroll this year but for various reasons were not initially selected. Jacob and Robert F are on a waiting lists and I ask for your prayers to bring about a way for them to eventually to get a seat in class the challenge is in order for them to get seat one would have to open up and that would only come if another student drops out. Rodney also from last year was not elected because he will be paroled in December. John P, Levi, Charles, and Miguel all from last year have been paroled which is a praise indeed.


So with all that said let the ministry season of prayer requests begin. There are six men who are enrolled in both programs but to keep it simple they if they chose can submit prayer requests in both class room settings.


Prayer Requests from the men of 'Renewing Fatherhood'


Jason – Please pray that my family has God’s grace

Steven – My prayer request is to be a better father and a strong minister for Christ and to reunite my family and that I receive a job and good church home when I get out and that God blesses me with a spiritual wife and that I serve Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit for the rest of my life

Will – My children’s mom died in 1993. My daughter was 15, second daughter9 and a son 7. In my heat I believe they lost their father too. I started using drugs heavy. For the next eight years I was on a downward spiral leading to death. I accepted Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior in 2000, remarried stayed clean and sober until this incarceration.  Pretty much starting in 2009. That’s why I want to reconcile the pain I caused my 3 children. I want to do right by them, but especially want to be a positive influence in the lives of my grandchildren. I really hope hits program will help, please pray for us; my wife, my children and grandchildren. May the love of God be upon you and your household, as you pray for my household and me.

Terry H – My prayer is to have a better relationship with God, to make amends with my daughter and continue to have a growing relationship with my son.

Yusef – I want to pray for my niece and nephews and my unknown child including my family, the Th____ family and all prisoner’s family members

Michael – My sister’s children, that Joshua never gives up because of his disabilities, that Jacob be healed of his cystic fibrosis and have a good life, that Emily be healed of her cystic fibrosis and keep herself until marriage and that it be God’s will I find a good woman and have a child or children to carry on the family.

Robert – I just pray that my family and friends are all right and I hope that God blesses the world.

Rick – Please pray for my spouse and family and my T.C. brothers and myself, that we may all find are right walk and path in this life.

Christopher F. – Prayers for my son Devin, mom Debra and father.

John – My prayer for my kids, that God will watch over them and protect them as well as look after me and that God will open my heart and mind to this program. Thank you.

Terry T. – Pray for my family, my grandchildren and me.

Prayer Requests from the men of 'Discipleship 101'

John B. – Requesting prayer that God will have His hand on where I parole upon my release.

Michael T. - please pray for my family to be safe and healthy while I’m locked up.

Robert M. – I would like you to pray for my children, Robert, Kylie and Reilly, their mother as well as my mother. Also pray that I keep courage and gain the wisdom to lead them the way God wants me to.

Anthony – I would like pray said for my mother, Loretta, that she stays in good health for my two brothers, George and Peter. Pray for Peter to gain employment and for Peter’s battle to addiction. Finally, pray for my son Stephen that he understands I love him and I will return to him soon.

Richard – Please pray that I know and accept God’s plan for me, pray that I’m accepted and allowed to go to the discipleship aftercare program that best fulfills God’s plan and most fervently pray that through all this that I become the man God wants me to be for my family and the body of Christ. Blessed be you and yours.

Rick R – Please pray for my spouse, family and also for my T.C. brothers and all of our progress in recovery. Please pray for my daughter and her newly found pregnancy. Thank you

Michael S. – Let us pray that all of God’s children in our study group increase in understanding and wisdom as to help each other to become the best version of themselves that they can be in our call to holiness in this life and beyond. Also may our Lord bless and keep our families safe and joyous through out this holiday season. We pray this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

Dean – I ask for prayers for continued health for my entire family and friends. Also I ask for a special bonding with my brother with whom I had differences. I also ask to pray for my father as he was just diagnosed with cancer. Amen

Rick D. – Prayer request is for Louis and Patricia D. to bring their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Will – I pray for this ministry. May I also get all I can and put into practice what I learn from this class. Pray for God’s blessings on my wife, children and grand children, the strength protection of Jesus in my incarceration, I receive the heavenly wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Robert J – Pray for the world.

Jeffery – I would like to pray for my family, my four children and their mothers for good health emotionally, physically ad mentally, my grandmother Joyce for her health to get better, my mother Divine for a peace of mind and my father Jeff Sr. for his alcohol addiction. I would also like you to pray for myself to build a better relationship with the Lord. Thank you.

Steven – I would like to pray for the continuation of this ministry and the work I do for Christ Jesus so I can become a complete man of God and Christ His son and especially to my children and family, that the church’s of God and America come back to Christ and also pray for a revival.

Clarence – Prayer for spiritual growth and discernment of good and evil. Pray for obedience unto the Lord, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God’s plan for my life. God’s good effective and perfect will for my life to be in alignment with his plan, carrying out His purpose daily, faithful daily communion with God and intimate fellowship with God. In Jesus name Amen

Antoine – I ask that you pray for my son Antoine Jr. and me. that we will become a family again. I ask that you pray for my family and especially my mom, that she be strong in the Word and to continue to love and follow the Lord. Last but not least pray for all of us in prison to be able to shine His light to those who don’t believe so that we can save some souls. Amen

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Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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  2. Graça e paz!

    É com muita satisfação que visitamos sempre que podemos o seu blog e ficamos admirados com o trabalho realizado na prisão, aliás é um exemplo para nós tamanha gratidão e empenho. Converso que se um dia tivesse a oportunidade iria até vocês pois acho maravilhoso servir e está em contato com os irmãos. Lembrando que sempre oramos por vocês e Hebreus 13.03 é uma das verdades que está em nosso pensamento. Algumas vezes paro para pensar como vocês estão aí, as dificuldades, as vitorias, etc.,. E sinceramente nos edificar saber que existe irmãos tão maravilhosos e falamos de vocês aqui no Brasil. Deus abençoe!