June 23, 2012

FW: SOCPM Student Prayer Request June 16, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - June 22, 2011




I think I kind of got the feeling a grade school teacher has on the 1st day of a new school year this evening, when I looked out of the classroom window at Sheridan waiting for the arrival of new students for SOCPM's 3rd Renewing Fatherhood class.


Jon of Discipleship 101 is an all SOCPM times student as he has been recognized in all SOCPM programs at Sheridan. Discipleship 101; Trusting God Even When Life Hurts will be his SOCPM 5th class. His streak will end though after completion of this sessions's class as he will be paroled in September. Unless I of course can convince him to stay a few extra months NOT. 


You may have noticed another link to the left 'Other.' I'll be listing prayers from miscellaneous encounters; one on one mentoring, correctional staff, etc. 


Special note; This week an inmate in Kendall County jail professed faith in one of his Bible study essay questions. Praise God!!!


Thanks for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


Class begins July 11, 2011



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood


Class resumes July 11, 2011



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


Mario - My daughter's sister got shot DCFS took my kids and I need a motivational prayer to keep me on the right path and watch over my kids. (1st time student)


Robert & Name not given - Like to put a prayer request in for Melanie, so she can receive Jesus Christ and her journey through CNA school and finding  new place to stay (Robert was in last session's Renewing Fatherhood class)


Chris - Could you please pray for my wife Andrea, my kids Alexis, Kaylee, and Paige. That they remain safe and get what they need and that Andrea remains sober/clean - Thank you (Chris was in last session's Renewing Fatherhood class)


Anthony - Please pray for my mother Loretta for her goo health and safety. Please pray for my brothers Pete and George. Pete for his addictions and George for his new job (Answered prayer). Please pray for Michelle (my wife) that she have the strength to continue to push you (me Scott). I pray that you are in good spirt and your health is good. (3rd time student).


Paul - I would like prayer for my family, friends, neighbors and enemies. I also ask for prayer for my son and my court on July 10. Thank you God for your mercy, grace and forgiveness. Amen (2nd time student).


Name not given - I would like to put a prayer in for Robyn and Jay for their health mentally and physically. I want them to find Jesus and not live the life of hate and greed.


Dale - Pray that I continue to surrender to God also pray for my mom Rosie, she's in a nursing home (1st time student)




Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood (All 1st time students)

Justin - I just want to ask you to pray for my daughter Brooklyn and that I get to hear good news from her soon.


Tyree - That I could have a better relationship with my kids & family and build a relationship with the mother of my kids. To help me get over my negative thoughts & be successful when I return to society.


Mark - My family and loved ones. My son and his mother and her family and loved ones. For all the ones who lost their trial and for the inmates who are down on their luck all the wrongly convicted people around the world.


Name not given - For more dedication and regimen with prayer and praise, daily journaling and reading. Mother's extra spinal fluid and physical health. My parents and sister grow from the past and living today. Parole and living arrangements. God's will not mine own. 


Name not given - Pray for Kelsey and Caleb


Julio - Pray for my daughter Jade, my family and me.


William  Please pray for my daughter Anniya and my son Malachi and please pray for my communication skills to increase and for me to be the best father I can be and for my sisters in their struggle and for my parents.


Lamar - My family, my daughter, my best friend, my close friend Shinese,, to loose my anger issue.



SOCPM Student Alumni

Paroles & Discharges


Robert - A recognized student of SOCPM Malachi Dads class Oct 2010 - Aug 2011, Discipleship 101's Gospel for Real Life class Nov. 2011 - Feb 2012 & Growing Your Faith class March - June 2012 at Sheridan Correctional Center will be paroled June 25th

Richard - A recognized student of SOCPM Discipleship 101's Gospel for Real Life class Nov. 2011 - Feb 2012 & Growing Your Faith class March - June 2012 at Sheridan Correctional Center will be paroled June 25th

Jonathan - A student of New Life Correction's February 13-14 Transforming Incarcerated Dads class at Vienna Correctional Center will be paroled June 20, 2012





Prayers of Special Note


Patrick - A student in New Life Corrections Correspondent Bible study professed in Romans Unit 1 Lesson 6 he had placed his faith in Jesus Christ


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