August 22, 2012

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries Prayer Requests for August 2012

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Partner Prayer Request August 2012


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Hard to believe that August is half over and Fall is just one month away on the calendar road. A lot is going on causing me to be a tad late for August prayer request and there are several prayer requests that, hopefully, I'll be able to convey  with minimal words.


It may seem to lose sincerity when we express it monthly but Michelle and I greatly appreciate the blessing of your support  through prayer or financial giving.


To Him be the glory.







I was not privy to who blessed  SOCPM with $1,000 gift last month. If by chance it was one of The Barbed Wire readers then Thank you!!  We cannot express  enough of our gratitude for your gift.


I will be ordained by my church ,Redeemer Fellowship, as a Pastor of the Gospel on August 26. My ordination will allow me to make pastoral visits to men incarcerated in county jails outside of their assigned visiting hours.  We appreciate the support and encouragement of  the ministry from the Redeemer elders. 


A prayer of thanks for Redeemer Fellowship's church secretaries Deb and Stephanie who are a blessing by printing the large volumes of additional reading articles distributed to SOCPM students and Bible lessons for men who participate in New Life Correction's correspondent Bible studies.


Speaking of Bible lessons, a prayer of thanks to all the weekly volunteers who grade the completed lessons every week and answer letters.


A person from my church who works at Tyndale Publishers blessed SOCPM with the gift of 47 leather covered Bible that will be distributed to students at Sheridan during their recognition ceremony on September 7. He also blessed SOCPM with 12 King James Study Bibles that will be given to Dixon's Chaplain Library.


SOCPM has formed a partnership with Mount Zion Bible Institute. MZBI offers a wide range of curriculum and correspondent courses, a catalog of books on theology for students to order free or a for a minimal cost.  The book catalog, order forms, and correspondent courses applications have been approved for distribution at Sheridan.


The suggestion of the Chaplain at Sheridan to rearrange the table and seating set-up  into a 'U' shape has created an intense focus and increased sharing among the students of the weekly teachings, especially Discipleship 101. 





Continued guidance from the Holy Spirit in  choosing  a curriculum that would not be cost prohibitive in the areas of; how to interpretate/study the Bible, have a confident and fruitful prayer life , how to share your Christian faith and a sanctifying daily devotional. Down to final selection for three of the four curriculum and all but one of those would require purchase of text books. I am still in search of a curriculum on how to share your faith.


Discernment in deciding whether to change the current curriculum of Discipleship  101 with the above curriculum or develop a third class. The stumbling block is  being able to schedule a third weekly class with limited blocks of time.


SOCPM has been using the Inside Out Dad Christian program for its Renewing Fatherhood class with great reviews from students.  But, SOCPM has felt it does not present a large enough focus on all aspects of fatherhood. Particularly in marriage and Spiritual Leadership of the family as a whole.  Thus, SOCPM will be reviewing other materials. Pray for discernment in SOCPM's review of Renewing Fatherhood curriculum.


Sheridan's head warden has resigned. Until further notice all new programming is on hold. Please pray the  new warden will have a heart for the Lord and see a need for SOCPM's programs and those of other Bible based programs.


 With my pastoral ordination pray that God will bless me with wisdom in Biblical counseling  to Paul and others that request counseling.


Safe travels and a successful seminar in a volunteer capacity with New Life Corrections' instruction of 'Transforming Incarcerated Dads' to a class of men at Hill Correctional Center September 10 -11, Vienna Correctional Center September 22 & 24, Shawnee Correctional Center September 25 & 26.


Programming at Dixon Correctional Center continues to be a challenge in attendance & text books. Pray that God will bring the successes He has blessed SOCPM with at Sheridan to Dixon


 Pray for the completion of new SOCPM's  home page and website and completion of the appeal packet by September 1st so they can be part of a new fund raising campaign.   


SOCPM is looking to respond to requests from within the state prisons and perhaps even Illinois' Federal prisons to present 1 or 2 day seminars on marriage, reentry and more. However, before making a commitment to these requests SOCPM will need to make sure it can cover the expenses that will  be incurred (travel, office supplies, class room materials). Michelle and I are at a point where we cannot continue underwriting the costs that are not covered by current monthly support with our personal finances. Ideally it would be a great blessing if  SOCPM support would be able to pay me a salary. I hope to embark on a fund raising campaign starting September 1 and I ask for your prayers that the anxieties I have about seeking funds will be squelched in knowing that  God expects those who do ministry to be paid for their work. Pray that God would show His faith in His call to me by blessing SOCPM with the monthly support to cover expenses and a salary.



Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
P. O. Box 671
Cortland, Illinois 60112



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