August 4, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests August 4, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - August 4, 2012





An unexpected personal appointment resulted me in having to cancel Dixon


Thanks so much for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101
Wednesday August 1, 2012


Next scheduled class August 15



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Wednesday August 1, 2012


Next scheduled class August 15



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Friday August 3, 2012


Pray for my family and me to open our hearts more and rain blessing upon us, bless my kids and bless me on getting a safe parole site and relieve the stress of my mother and father. Pray I continue my success in the Lord Jesus Christ and pray for every person locked up that is going through pain. 


Paul - Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for my family, friends, enemies, also pray for my sons matters as well as my one court issues


Anthony - Please pray for my mother Loretta, that she remains safe and healthy. Please pray for my bothers Pete and George, that the both are safe. Please pray for my son Stephen, that he remains safe and healthy. Please pray for Warden Osborne. He is sick with what I hear is pancreatic cancer. Please pray for all the people who make it to the Olympics that they continue to be safe from any danger. 


Please pray for Scott's wife that she continue to have the strength to keep Scott afloat. Please pray for me that Jesus stay with me each day, that the Holy Spirit work hard to guide me each day. For the strength to help others with out wanting anything in return.


Jon - Requesting prayer for God to provide me with an increased will to be open-minded to the suggestions of my Christian brothers and sisters in my support team. On 07/27/12 I was tested to see if I relapsed with cancer. On 08/2/12 those results were negative, for that I give glory to God.Thank you. Jon also share with me after class that his parole to a family in Carol Stream was approved. Another praise to our great God


Sylvester - I pray in the name of Jesus that I tie all advice from the Holy Spirit and continue to obey all things. I pray or spiritual wisdom and understanding his will for my life. In Jesus name Amen 


William - Please pray for me that I stay strong and continue to grow in the Lord, that I do not return to my old self, that the Lord continue to protect and bless my family and that I am released and reunited with them immediately, also that I remain humble and peaceful Thank you.


Dennis - I pray that I continue to grow with God has planned for mend that I keep Satan out of my head and my thoughts be right thoughts, keep my family in His sight and keep them safe and anyone that doesn't know God get to God and that his will be done.


Chris - Could you please pray that Andrea, Alexis, Paige and Kaylee get all the things that they need and that they remain safe, also that Andrea stays sober, also that I'm able to express myself in a healthy way. Thank you.


Reginald - I pray that God be with my friend and his family, as he lost his mother this past week. Father God I pray that you watch over my mother and grandmother. I pray that you have grace on my kids and family this day Lord. I thank you Lord for Scott this day Lord and I pray that you bless him and his family.


Name not given - Please God when I get out I'll see Donna, my love and my life. I want to be with her. I still think about her all the time. I just want you to let us talk when I get out. I'm not about to do no more bad stuff. I want to get a job and go to school. Please let us talk when I get out.


Johnnie - I ask to pray for the world, for enlightenment, strength, courage to face fear and all of the madness, to withstand all the great deceiver's trickery. there is so much going on so much senseless choices being made . We must arm ourselves in His world in our prayers. Thank you


Name not given - Pray for Warden Osborne and his family, Correctional Officer Smith and his family, Mr Tyrone and his family, Denise and her family, my children and grandchildren, Tenille, Latonia, brothers and sisters, all men and women of Sheridan addicts in and out of treatment, my struggle with lust, lying, help me rectify my deceitful thinking, allow you will to be done and not that of my own.


Dean - Pray for my father and Aunt with cancer, my friend Carolyn with her family issues, for my friend Ken for loss of our mutual friend Dan, my mom for health and strength, myself to get home in February, my son's whom are incarcerated as well, all the rest of my family and friends and for the leaders of the state and country, all of the men and women of our armed forces, my reacher Scott and his family, for their health strength and needs. Amen.


Kenneth - I wish to pray for my daughter Brittany. It's been several years since I saw her and I don't have a relationship with her. She is growing into a woman now and I would like the opportunity to reunite with her and if possible establish a relationship that would give us the chance to know one another and become an to each other's lives. I ask for prayers that I will overcome the desires of the flesh, the lust of women and desire of pornography masturbation and immoral thoughts. I pray that God release the hold that Satan has on my mind and body and that I be strengthened to resist the obstacles and stumbling blocks that are place before me.


Christopher - Pray that the next 96 days will go as quickly as the last 21 months. Pray for Lex as she comes closer to her special day. Pray that Vanessa will be able to come and see me soon. God bless and thank you. Pray that my parole plan to go out of state to my brother's house falls through for me. 


Name not given _ I would like to put a prayer request for Brit to keep her on her career path. Pray for Katie and Kirk to keep them safe and to stay healthy. Pray for Robyn and Jay to be kept safe. Pray for Melanie to help her find her way in life. 



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Friday August 3, 2012


James - I ask that you pray for my family and me. Pray for me with all that I've been going through these past few weeks. I found out that I lost my appeal and the time is getting to me. I've been gone for 3.5 years and have one more year to do, so if you can keep me in your prayers I'd appreciate it.


Name not given - Pry my eyes be open so that I may be able to see the path that God has for me. Pray that he bless my daughter Jade with protection and God's love.


Name not given - Pray for peace for Brenna and Ray


Eric - Pray for me and my family to overcome this time in my life and to build me up more and more to be on point with God's word ad that good time is back we are thanking God for it. If it is not I still thank God for what he has done.


Name not given - I's like a prayer for my children's mother Carmen that the Lord will bless her and keep her safe and help her in her struggles. That the Lord will open her eyes to see the light before it is to late. Pray for all the lost souls out there that they also will see the light before it is to late. In Jesus name Amen.


Kenneth - I pray for my son Kenneth Jr. I ask that what ever the issue may be that is hendering out communication be removed and that the Lord watches over him and keep him from harm and danger.


Lamar - Pray for my daughter Kayla. my brother and sisters, my friend Jack, my daughter's mother Teirra, for my best friend Kushmere, my niece and two nephews


Adrian - Pray for Rachel, Mason, Elias and Morgan that they all would be protected, be safe mad blessed. 


Svondo - I would like you to say a prayer for us all that we keep our faith and our belief in what He has done for us with his Son and what Jesus done for us on the cross and saved us from sin. Amen and that we repent and confess our sins to receive mercy and grace.


Tyree - Pray that I get closer to my family and that my mother find a job so she could keep a roof over her had and food on the table and that I could come to an agreement with my children's mother. Thank you.Lyvon - Pray for God to continue to soften the hearts of the family that had my child that they will be more respective toward me and my family.




Prayers of Special Note


Paul - Continued healing in facing his circumstances, comfort for his two sons and healing and for his victims



SOCPM Student Alumni for the week of 

July 22 - 28




Balmaro - A student in the current session of Discipleship 101 and a recognized student in Renewing Fatherhood March - June 2012.



James - A former student in Malachi Dads Oct. 2010 - Aug 2011



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