August 12, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests August 4, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - August 12, 2012





This week a planned appointment resulted in Dixon having to be canceled. It was for a good cause as SOCPM was at Metropolitan Correctional Center, a federal prison in Chicago with Prison Fellowship volunteers to do the annual sign-up for Angel Tree. A program that provides gifts to children who have an on incarcerated parent. In addition to MCC, SOCPM volunteered at Dixon and Stateville NRC. A total of 1,800+ men participated. A prayer of praise for programs like Angel Tree that provides gifts for literally thousand upon thousands of children across the nation.


A mixed blessing in Sheridan's Discipleship 101 as Terry a three time student of SOCPM attended his last class. He will be paroled Aug. 17. His love to be discipled and grow in the Lord will be missed.


Thanks so much for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101
Wednesday August 8, 2012


Next scheduled class August 15



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Wednesday August 8, 2012


Next scheduled class August 15



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Friday August 10, 2012


Dean - Blessings for all of family and friends and all the people of the world.


Reginald - I pray for Scott and his family. I pray for my kids and friends and for myself.


Name not given - I would like prayer for my ex-girlfriend, her name is Donna,  so when I get out we can be together. I love her so much. Please pray my Father let her come back to me.


Johnnie - I ask for prayer for all those who are being deceived, those who are of little faith, all of those who need to be strengthened, encouraged, uplifted in spirit all around the world. Thank you.


Louis - Please pray for me Louis. I've been feeling as if God isn't helping me with my situation here at Sheridan. I've been trying to move him (son) but the request was denied. I've been trying to get joint visitation with family and go to Bible study on Monday but was denied. It seems as if IDOC is keeping my son away from me and I prayed about this and left it in God's will. I wanted an answer, but God hasn't answered. I don't know what to do anymore and I don't understand why. I do get joint visitation with my son and his mother and I'm grateful for that, pray that she continues to call me out on a visit. Pray that I get my faith back. Thank you. God bless you and your family.


Name not given - Pray for a peace of mind to not worry about what is going on with other people. Pray for Warden Osborne and his family, Correctional Officer Smith and his family. Mr. Perkins family.


Christopher - Pray that the good time for the fellows that can get it or maybe I may be able to receive a ??? went through. I have 86 days left!!! Pray that Lex continues to have a prosperous pregnancy. Pray that I will get a letter or visit from Vanessa and the kids before or after Lex has her baby girl. Thank you! God bless!


Ron - I pray that that my brother's birthday today is safe and all my loved ones are safe.


Name not given - I would like to put a prayer request in for Kirk and Katie for their trips to work and finish school. I would like to pray for Robyn and Jay just to stay healthy and to find Jesus Christ.


Paul - Pray for my family and enemies. Also pray for my son Okie and me in our court issues.


Jon - Requesting prayer for God's favor and grace with those whom I come in contact with. Thank you!!!


Anthony - Please pray for my mother, Loretta, that she be safe and healthy. Please pray for my son Stephen, he is safe and that Jesus be with him. Please pray for my brothers George and Pete, that they remain blessed by the Lord. Please pray for Terrance who lost his brother this week to violence. Please pray for Scott's wife that she have the strength to keep the family running. Please pray for me Anthony only 45 more days left Pray that the Lord continues to be with me. 


Mario - A ask that you pray for Terrance and his family, They're going through a family crisis. I ask that you pray for my family and me to follow Jesus Christ's path on right living and open my heart to His understanding. Bless my babies.


Dale - Just want to thank God for being sovereign over my prayers and situations. Continue to pray for my mom Rosie she is in a nursing home for her healing, strength and faith. Thank God for a mom like mine.


Name not given - I pray in Jesus name I'm turning to him and depending on him in times and moments of trials and tribulations. I pray I'm strengthened in my seeking my personal relationship in Jesus name Amen.


Chris - Please pray that Andrea and my girls Alexis, Paige and Kaylee get everything they need and to keep them safe from harm. Also can you pray that Andrea is to remain clean and sober through her times of struggle. Also pray that I'm able to keep a positive attitude abut treatment.


Terry - I need for you to pray for me. I'm going to a new chapter of my recovery and a new place and I need some guidance to deal with this new place and new building and pray for my family that is waiting for me to come home to them and ask God to watch over them until I come home.


Name not given - Praises go up blessings come down. God to watch over my family and me being with my family soon. Give us strength to complete the journey pray for the world too. Amen 


Name not given - Pray for my family and loved ones. All the men and women of Sheridan and all addicts in and out of their institutions.


Kenneth - I ask for guidance in my finding a recovery home to go to when I am released. I have five in mind but I ask that God show me where he would have me go. I don't want to go anywhere because of the location or because of any financial reasons. I want to go where my best interests will e served. I ask for help from the Father with this issue



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Friday August 10, 2012


Svondo - Here again another Friday asking for the world that you pray for the world, all of us who can't pray for themselves that the Lord Trinity just keep us all in his hands and guide us to eternity someday keep us full of his love, grace and mercy Amen


Julio - My daughter Jade is safe and healthy and knows her Papi loves her with all my heart. Also that I get accepted to a good halfway house and that I could move forward in my life. Thank you and God bless you very much.


Lyvon - Pray for me to continue to be a major part of my son's life no matter what happens. Thank you.


Adrian - Protection, safety, security and his mercy and grace for Rachel, Morgan, Elias and Mason.


Eric - Pray for my family and my kids that we continue to grow in the Lord and pray for the people in the world that we come to low we need Him everyday. Pray for me that God would do things in my life.


Kenneth - I pray that God would show Kenneth where he should go when he is released from Sheridan. He is having some problems in making up his mind on what recovery home he wants to go to. I ask the Lord to reveal to him what his will for him is so that he will make the choice that is best suited for his needs.


Lamont - Can you please pray for my mom, my sister and myself. God bless.


Lamar - Pray for my daughter Kayla, my brothers and sisters, my mother, Loretta, my family, my daughter's mother Terra and help me with the bad things going on in my life right now.


Tyree - Pray that I get better control of my impulsive ways and for my mom to find a job so she can provide for the family and have a roof over her head and food to eat and that I get a better relationship with my children and their mother.


Jesse - I'd like a prayer for all our families and loved ones and that we all stay strong in our faith. Amen




Prayers of Special Note


Paul - Next meeting with Paul August 13th 



SOCPM Student Alumni for the week of August 12

 - 18



Anson - Student in Malachi Dads Oct. 2010 - Nov. 2011.

Cornelius - Student in Renewing Fatherhood Nov. 2011 - Jan 2012. Paroled 05/18, three months early of his orignal parole date.

Terry - Student in Discipleship 101 Nov. 2011 - Aug. 2012





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