March 6, 2012

Student prayer Requests

Greetings all!


A new ministry season in Dixon and Sheridan has started, thug their are no prayer requests from Dixon will ope to have some next week, but do have Sheridan requests and am thankful you for your prayers 



Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
No Prayer Request


Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday March 2, 2012


Renewing Fatherhood

Louis – Prayer for my family, my mom and dad that they stay healthy and be peaceful. Also pray for my son Louis Jr. that he stays away from gangs, drugs and alcohol and that he goes back to school or finds a job. Also pray for me that I become closer to God and that my faith grows stronger. Thank you.

Michael – My wife Jessica and me to continue to be reunited in the love of Christ (she filed for divorce), for me to have renewed strength and courage in the Lord. Refocused for living for Christ.

Robert L. – I just want a prayer to go out to everybody who is suffering from an addiction or going down the lost path and for them to find the right path and for them to find Christ and to find hope.

Paul – Pray for my son’s Okie and Shaun, my wife Cynthia to endure this time apart from all the kids. Pray for God to allow me mercy in my court/legal matters.

Reginald – Pray that God watch over my mother, grandma and my kids and my family here.

LaSalle – I wold only ask for prayer for my kids, other loved ones and me to stay healthy in spirit, emotion and mental.

Jonathan – I ask that I gain much understanding and be able to establish a relationship with my son. Thank you



Discipleship 101

Jon B. – Requesting prayer for God’s hand to be on the decision that is made for where I parole to. Requesting additional prayer for Dave K. to find favor with an employer for a job. Thank you

Dean – I ask for prayers for my Aunt who continues to struggle with cancer. I also ask for prayers for my entire family and friends. I also ask for prayers for myself as I wait for my work release. I pray and ask for prayers for Scott for getting a new printer and for safe travel back and forth and to be blessed with health for you and your family.

Reginald – I want to pray for my son and my daughter, that God bring them back to church and off the street. I want to pray that God keeps His arms around my whole family and friends and for the people who were affected by the storms.

Christopher - Pray that my daughter continues to have a healthy pregnancy. Pray that the ‘good time’ comes back. Pray that my two sons go off to college and continue to prosper in life. Pray that I may be home to see my grandchild born in August.

Antoine – I ask that you pray all of us and me here at Sheridan. I ask that the prayer be for endurance and commitment to following the Lord. I also ask that you pray for my family, my son, mom and sister.

Richard – Please pray that I will be strong and courageous as a living testament to Christ as I continue my path of recovery. Blessed be you and yours.

Robert – I would like to start by asking for a prayer for a brohte r and his mother. His name is Tim and he found out his mother has caner. He is struggling with understanding this situation. Please ask that she comes thorugh this ok and he has the strength to get through also. I also ask that you pray for my children, Reilly, Kylie, and Robert, also their mothers as well as my mother. They need God and His strength. Thank you His loving servant.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother, Loretta that she stays safe and healthy. Pray for my son Stephen that he makes better decisions. Pray for my brother George that he continue to have patience and the will to take care of my son. Pray for my brother Pete that the Holy Spirit touches him. Say a prayer for this group of guys that we all find what we are looking for in this class.

Dominique – I want you to pray for my wife and kids. Thank you and God bless you.

Cory – I would like to pray for strength and new direction. Lately I’ve been going through a lot and I’ve been feeling like I’m under attack. Also I haven’t heard from my daughter and I would like to hear something from her.

John – Pray for my family & that their spiritual growth in God will increase. Pray for my Discipleship class that we will all grow stronger and wiser in Jesus Christ and that my study habits will increase. Pray not my will but God’s will be done. Thank you. Amen.


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