January 14, 2012

SOCPM Sheridan Student prayer request

Greetings and praise to you all in this new year;


I pray it is off to a God booming start! 


I've got a special requests this week and hopefully will be an ongoing thing. I recently was talking to one of the men from my church who is a recipient of these prayer requests and he was sharing how he is blessed personally in praying for the men and as he was sharing the Holy Spirit began talking to me saying 'Why not make these exchange of prayers a two way exchange? Why not let the students also be blessed in praying for their prayer warriors?


I asked the men in Sheridan this week if they would like to be prayer warriors for you and the response was 'Yes'


So with that if you would like to share your prayer request with the students respond back with the request I will copy them all to one document for printing and then have them available for the students to pickup. I do ask you avoid putting in any personal information that could lead to more then the students need to know, that you not use it as a means to communicate to anyone specific student that you are praying for them or God personally moved your heart in their request. Anonymity is a must I will like I do the student prayer request edit if I feel a need to. Please don't feel obligated in any way 


Several of the men will be paroled in the next could of months and I will list their being paroled in future prayer requests so though they are no longer in class they will be remembered in prayer pom their release date.



as always thank you 

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

(Romans 11:36; Romans 12:1 ESV) 

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request – Wednesday January 11, 2012


No Prayer Requests


Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday January 13, 2012


Arsenio – I would like for you to pray for the well being of my children, my mother and me. For me to find success when I go home (02/04/12) and for me just to keep focus and find someone to fall in love with. Thank you and God bless.

Name not given – God give me the strength to hold my anger, treat others with respect and patience and that my health will return to less stressful. Pray that will all have a smooth transition back into society and successful recovery, that all will be enriched with the mind of Christ in word and deed.

Terry H. – My prayer is for all the men and women in prison all over the world, for my children not to give up on me, for me to become more spiritually sound in my walk, for my faith to become stronger then it has been and trust God.

Yusef – I ask for you to pray for Toshiba, Satina, Courtney, Dericka and all their family, friends and foes.

Gary – I like to pray for our instructor and his family and to forgive me of my sins said, done and thought Father God. Continue to work on me and work with me in my life and struggle period through your Son Jesus Christ I pray – Amen

Christopher F. William, Jimmielee, Devin, Debra, and all of C-25

Steven A. I would like for you to pray for my family, the Suddolf family, Jason’s family. The man Scott in understand what God wants him to say and that I get accepted by to Second Chance and that the Lord’s will be done and that He shows me what it is that I should do and for the Christian brothers and sisters all over and the sick and suffering addicts and Jesus keep me and Jason on track. Amen

Jason – Please pray for all my family, especially my parents and my sister’s children. She just died and so we are all grieving right now. I’m hoping no one else close to me dies while I’m here or anytime soon. I will be released in 47 days. Please pray that they go by quickly without any problems. Thank you In Jesus name Amen.

Robert J. – I’m praying for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. God bless the world please.


Renewing Fatherhood

Discipleship 101

Jeffery – I would like to pray for my salvation and my faith. I also would like a special prayer for the health of my grandmother, Joyce. She’s having health problems I know God will see her through. I also would like to pray for my family my mother, father, sisters children and children’s mothers. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Richard T. – Please pray that I will be strengthen and courageous in being a living testament of Christ. Please also that I’m accepted in the Koinonia House aftercare program for discipleship and my service to the will of Jesus. God bless you.

Robert J. – Praying for a better life and everyone else who suffers.

Robert H. – For my son to come and visit me here before I leave. For God to prepare the way for me (to go before me) on my outdate 03/13/12 and open doors only God can open and close doors only god can close. Pray for a job (a good one), that God would approve and use me and for God to show favor on me and with me wherever I am. I also pray that I find a good Bible teaching church.

Name not given – My daughter’s mother Juliet, my brother Don and his daughter Cynthia, my sister Tami and her husband Mark to keep their marriage together.

Anthony – I would like prayer for my mother Loretta that she stays healthy and close to Jesus and safe daily. I would like prayer for my son Stephen that Jesus touch his heart and help him finish school and that he make better decisions. I would like prayers for my brother George that he may find employment and that Jesus give him strength being the acting father in my son’s life. I would like prayer for my brother Pete that Jesus helps him through his addiction. Pray for our group that we find what we are looking for and that Jesus give me strength to continue to help others with their problems.

Robert M. – Please pray for my children. My mother has been going to church and been taking my son and daughter. I pray that they get the knowledge they need of God and Jesus. I also ask that you pray for my relationship with Julie. God understands why tis prayer is important. I need the knowledge and courage to be a living witness to God’s glory (I’ve also been struggling with neck and shoulder pain. His living, humble, servant.

William – I praise God for this ministry. Thank you. Please pray God’s strength and protection on my wife, children and grandchildren. May we all come into a more intimate relationship with Him. I cannot complain for I know God through His Son has and will supply our every need. I will be going home February 11th Please pray I get home without any complications. Please pray for my cellie things are getting hairy as far as our relationship. Thank you for your prayers Hallejuah.

Jon – Greeting my friend. Can I seek prayer for God’s hand to be on where I parole to upon my release on 09/21/12 Thank you.

Dean – I ask for prayer for my Aunt Harriett, whom is already battling breast cancer, already stage 3 Always prayers for my mm and entire family.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for all of us here in prison and also to thank the Lord for all of His blessings that He reveals to me everyday. A special prayer request for Ms. Sisson a correctional officer here that had a car accident for recovery.

Clarence – For godly wisdom, humility, submissive faithfulness, love and compassion for others, for clear understanding of God’s plan for my life, for an obedient heart, for a close and intimate walk with God. In Jesus name Amen

Yusef – I want to be accepted in in St. Leonard’s Transitional House, for a new chapter in my life to start at this place.



James – Pray for my daughters Erika and Shericka, may God continue to bless them and keep them safe.


SOCPM Prayer Requests




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