January 23, 2012

Dixon Correctional Prayer Requests

Greetings All;

I'm hoping that it was because you were busy and simply did not have time but I only received one response for our prayer requests that the students could pray for on your behalf. There is a desire among them to express gratitude towards your praying for them by them praying for you. Please if you have any pray request, perhaps of a more non personal type if you feel uncomfortable for them praying up personal requests. I do pray there will be more replies this week.


Because of last Friday's snow I did not teach at Sheridan and will not be there this week because of a personal commitment to my wife Michelle. I also am committed to another ministry need this Wednesday so there will be no prayer request from Dixon either. 


Lord willing I'll be at Dixon a February 1 where we will celebrate the completion of the Renewing Fatherhood class. A praise as God has blessed SOCPM with approval to return to begin another 'Renewing Fatherhood' class February 15 or 22. In addition to 'Renewing Fatherhood'  SOCPM has been blessed by God by getting approval for a second class at Dixon, 'Discipleship 101'  that also starting either February 15 or 22


Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood

Prayer Request – Wednesday January 18, 2012


David – Please continue to pray that God will lead my family reconciliation and that they someday will forgive me for what I have done and for not being there for them. Also for my walk with the Lord, that I may die to self in all areas of my life and allow God to direct my paths and actions, for spiritual growth and maturity to God’s Word. I would like to find a Mennonite church here in the Dixon area. I would also like to find a Bible church in the Sauk Village area for a brother in Christ’s wife and family to attend.

Name not given – Pray for Dillon, Devon, Stella and Sophia.

Joseph – I respectfully ask that you pray for my family and everyone I come in contact with.

Steve – Pray that God will continue to bless an ongoing relationship I have with a church in Chicago with whom I correspond on a regular basis with the minister and members of the congregation, for God to continue to watch out for his family during the temporary separation, that He gives me the wisdom to be able to accept His teachings and what He is trying to accomplish in my life, that all the things that happen to me are to help me become a better husband, father and person. Amen

Sean – Please pray for the solution of all the lost that they will somehow be led to Christ through another individual being guided by Christ. Please pray for Pam, Tom, Sarah, Bridgette and Brandon and the whole family that they will stay physically and emotionally safe. Pray for all the people that are spreading the ‘Good News’, also that none of us walking with Christ will be led astray.

Courtney – Father I would like to start off by saying thank you very much for waking me up this morning and blessing me with another day. Father I ask You to take care of every situation that may be hindering my family and those around my family from growing in You. I also ask that you keep them from harm and keep them healthy.

David G. – I would like a prayer to go out to my three children, my children’s mother is also incarcerated so are children are in foster homes so a prayer for them would be nice.

Wayne – I’ve been worried about my girlfriend and kids lately. I haven’t heard anything from them and I’m afraid that they may be letting go of me. I pray that I hear from them soon and that everything is all right. Thank you

Robert – Father God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth I pray that it be your will for me to come out of this place and go back to Chicago, IL, ask that your Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me, also I ask that You will call my children’s names out in prayer that they’ll forgive their dad for not being in their lives.

William S. – Continue to advance the Kingdom of God and wait for specific direction from God to move forward. Thank you for joining and agreeing with me in prayer.

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:36 ESV)


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries







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