January 2, 2012

SOCPM Sheridan Student prayer request December 2011

Greetings to all as a new year is upon us.


This year has been truly a blessing for me as I personally grasp a deeper perception and understanding of God's vision for SOCPM and my call to steward His ministry. The ministry year closed out with I guess you call it a bang. In Friday's Discipleship 101 class the topic was 'The Gospel for Real Life' by Jerry Bridges chapter 9, 'Right Standing With God'. Jerry Bridges gives a solid writing on the Gospel and the Holy Spirit was with me in presenting it. I truly believe that several of the men heard the full message of the Gospel for a first time. 


As Bridges put it "Unfortunately many believes do live as if justification is a permanent abiding state. ...they draw their sense of God's acceptance from their most recent performance of Christian duties or their avoidance of certain sins.'  Again for several of the men it was the first time they heard that in addition of being saved by the Gospel, the Gospel also means God's love for them today and for all eternity is not increased nor decreased based upon their works or lack of them. I give praise to God that this truth was heard and pray that it takes root into their hearts. 

Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday December 30, 2011

Renewing Fatherhood

Steven – I would like for you all to pray for me and God Jesus and the Holy Spirit to work in me might and conform me into His image and become stronger and to stay on the narrow path and to have peace while I’m here for the rest of my stay and accepted into Saint Leonard’s treatment center and that He show me what to do about my family.


William H. – Please pray for reunification of my family. My wife and may this coming year be prosperous, may we all come into a more intimate relationship with you, a big prayer for Scott, his faithfulness and zeal for this men’s ministry Inside Out Dads.


Gary – I ask you pray for my family and me and I pray you be blessed and your family.


Terry H. – My prayer for my children to be blessed for everyone to be safe over the holiday for Scott to remember (better).

Discipleship 101

Name not given – Help all to live as the holy family united in respect and love. In history’s moment when all was ready you sent your Son to dell in time, obedient to the laws of life in the world, teach us the sanctity of human love, shows us the value of family life and helps us to live in peace with all men that we may share in your life forever. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Antoine – I ask that you give thanks to God for all His blessings. I also ask that you continue to lift my sister Latoya, my mom Bobbie, my son Antoine Jr. up to God. I ask that you keep us believers in prayer that we can shine His light so that we can attract them to Him and also for the Lord to bless this ministry and every ministry that brings or takes the Word to the men and active believers. Amen

Clarence – That I would yield every fiber of my being to the Lord, that my life would bring glory and honor to your Holy name God. In Jesus name I pray. Oh, that the Lord would prepare my kids’ heart to receive their dad upon release from prison. Amen. For godly wisdom to Him with honor, in Jesus name. Amen.

Name not given – Pray for my friend Steve M. he is going through some trials and tribulations with the devil.

Robert J. – John 3:16. I’m hoping someday that God bless the whole world for everyone to love everyone.

Anthony – I would like prayer for my mother (Loretta) that she remains healthy. I would like prayer for my brother George that he be blessed with a job and be patient with taking care of my son. I would like prayer for my brother (Pete) that he may find help with his addictions. I would like prayer for my son (Stephen) that he may finish school and for his anger problem. And finally for our group that we may find what we are searching for. Happy New Year.

Rick – Please give prayers that I may open my eyes wider and my ears may hear more and my faith may grow. I want and love God but I feel so very far from Him.

Dean – I send prayers for the politicians of this country that God for once may touch their hearts and differences could be put aside, so they can make good decisions for God and His children and put the country back in order!! I pray that all the violence and wars end and our brave and courageous men and women of the Armed Services return home to their families safely! I pray for my family and friends for a healthy and safe New Year.

Yusef – Pray for Decicka, Satina, Cassie, Ashley, Nick, Tommy, Nick, Sean, Paul, Keith, Tauresha, Lillian, Teshiba and Courtney to be blessed and covered by the blood of Jesus including their family, friends, loved ones and enemies.

Richard – Please pray for my acceptance into the Koinonia Discipleship program so I can become a living testament to Christ and be a good father. Blessed be you and yours.

Jon B. – If I may ask, please pray for my former landlord Rosa’s mother who is very ill at 91-years old. Please pray that God will comfort Rosa. She is very sad about her mother’s condition. Thank you.



James is not a student but one of the men whose job includes fixing the chairs in the classroom before and after classes (he also is one of the resident shoe shiners, and he takes great joy in serving the officers and volunteers, my shoes look new). I've had several conversations with James and have come to know he is a believer, who is humble, remorseful of what his choices have cost him and his loved ones. His mother recently died while he was in prison and I believe it grieves him as he mentions it often. I hope to befriend and be used by God in ministering to James and ask you for prayers.


James - Family and his daughters Shericka and Erica. God Bless.



Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas


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