January 31, 2012

CHAPLAINS TRAINING ACADEMY - not just for Chaplains!


                                                               A Division of Wayside Cross Ministries

  January 31, 2011                                   215 E. New York St., Aurora IL 60505

 Chaplains Training Academy

April 24 - 28, 2012


NOTE FROM CHAPLAIN TOM:  I have worked with Rich Hines for many years, and have valued his training.  This EXCELLENT training is not just for Chaplains, but for all who are called to be Christ's ambassadors "behind bars," full-time or part-time, to all who want to be better-equipped to minister to inmates & correctional staff - in Bible Studies, One-on-One Counseling, Worship Services, evangelism and discipleship.

The Chaplains Training Academy will be held Tuesday - Friday, April 24 - 27, 6 - 10 PM, at New Covenant Bible Church, 4N780 Randall Road, St. Charles IL, and Saturday, April 28 at Wayside Cross Ministries, in Aurora.



For many years Rich Hines (leader of our One-Day Seminars) received requests for more in depth chaplaincy training. That's one reason he produced the Jail Ministry Training Manual. But it became obvious we needed something more. Many unattached Chaplains are asking for training and for us to validate them as "Fit for Biblical Correctional Chaplaincy." Here's an example of a letter sent to Rich from a Chaplain from Ohio.


"Do you offer training for Chaplains? I am called a Chaplain, but I'd like to be trained and certified or credentialed. ... I have been involved with the Jail and Juvenile ministry for about 3 years now and the Chaplaincy I am involved in does not offer any credentialed training. ...I have a true calling I'm just trying to get my credentials to fulfill what He has started in me."


Starting in 2006, the Chaplains Training Academy (or, CTA) began. It will continue to take on new students in 2011-12, including a special arrangement for international students. Much of the study and course work will be done by distance learning and correspondence, but we will require 20 units of on site work at one or more of our campus locations.


About the Academy

The Chaplains Training Academy (CTA) has been established to serve Chaplains and trainees by providing training in biblical expertise, as well as a credential validating and sanctioning them as approved and fit for gospel ministry within a correctional facility.


A training session with five initial classes will be held Tuesday through Friday (April 24 - 27), 6 - 10 PM, at New Covenant Bible Church in St. Charles, plus one Saturday session (April 28), 9 AM - 3:30 PM, at Wayside Cross in Aurora.   Homework and outside course work will be required.


Upon satisfactory completion of a training session, a student will earn five units. More training sessions are held at different venues throughout the year. A CREDENTIAL would be given upon the completion of 20 units. This would normally take two years to earn.


For more information, or to register for the CTA, please contact Chaplain Rich at (360)722-2429, or rich@onlyhopeprisonministries.com. You may also visit http://www.onlyhopeprisonministries.com for an application. All applications will be prayerfully considered on a first come first served basis. There will be an initial application fee of $50.  (Please do not email Chaplain Tom with CTA reservations.)



Our Staff

Rev. Rich Hines, M.A. Min.

The Director of our Academy and Chaplain Training, was a correctional chaplain for 21 years.  He wrote our Jail Ministry Training Manual. He'll teach practical applications of God's word to the special challenges inmates face.


Dr. Larry McCall, Pastor of Christ's Covenant Church in Winona Lake, IN. He'll teach on God's nature and how best to prepare spiritual leaders who come along side as your staff. His book,"Walking Like Jesus Did" will be one of the required study books in the course.


Dr. Stuart Scott, A Seminary Professor, Author, Conference Speaker, and Biblical Counselor with over 25 years experience. He's on the executive board of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, and a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors. He will emphasize how counsel inmates from the Bible alone.


Pastor Jerry Wragg, M.Div. (D.Min candidate) Pastor-Teacher of Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, FL. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Expositors Seminary.  He'll teach on Theology Proper and how to biblically worship, and how that applies to the true church on the inside.


Pastor Steve Kreloff, M.Div Has served as Pastor-Teacher of Lakeside Community Chapel in Clearwater, FL for over 30 yrs. He will teach on how to prepare and apply biblical exposition.


Cpl. Bruce Mills, M.A. Bib.St. He'll Teach on submission to governmental authority and how best to be a good testimony of Christ to correctional authorities.

Classes and Venues

Biblical Preaching and Teaching • Working With Corrections Staff

Evangelism                                   • Marriage and Divorce

• Pastoring Inmates                           • Inmate Culture and The Word

• Biblical Worship                              • Submission To Authority

• Biblical Counseling                          • Giving Death Notifications

• Working with and Developing Volunteers 

· Santa Clarita, California - at The Master's College

· Orlando, Florida – at Faith Baptist Church

· St. Charles, Illinois - at New Covenant Bible Church

· Johnson City, New York - at Davis College

· Winston-Salem, N. Carolina - at Twin City Bible Church

· Snohomish, Washington - at Emmanuel Baptist Church

             Classes in bold will be covered in the St. Charles CTA week.


What To Bring: Bible, teachable spirit, and for those needing housing, one suitcase and other personal provisions.  (We have elegant complimentary housing available.)


Cost for the CTA:  For the Illinois training session, we have a discounted rate of $90 plus the cost of textbooks ($10 for your first session).  A $50 deposit is necessary to register.  This deposit will be held until you are accepted into the course, in which case it will go toward the first session's fee of $100 ($90 + $10).   If your application is not accepted, the $50 will be returned.  





To register for the full five days of the CHAPLAINS TRAINING ACADEMY, please call 360-722-2429 or email Chaplain Rich Hines at




A SECOND NOTE FROM CHAPLAIN TOM:   I have available one $90 scholarship for a student in need.  If this describes you, please contact me at tbeatty@waysidecross.org.


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