May 2, 2011

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday April 29, 2011

I have a special prayer request that I will be sending hopefully later today where I’ll be asking you to select one of the Malachi Dads( though you can select more if you wish) that request you prayer specifically for them, their children, other family and others who will be directly involved with the dads fathering their children upon the dad’s release. The special prayer request e-mail will have the details.

Thanks and to Him be the glory

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday April 29

Miguel – I thank you for your prayers that you take your time to do so. I ask that you pray for me to continue my walk with God and be tolerant to the constant changes that I go through in here. I also ask that you pray for my wife, Lizette, that she finds another job that she will enjoy doing so she can afford to get off the section 8 like she wants and that she finds it in her heart to truly forgive those that have done wrong to her and talks to her oldest daughter to work out their differences. Thank you for our prayers again, God bless.

Robert M. – Please pray for my son and mother, my fiancée who also is incarcerated, all of my five children, Kylie, Reilly, Rue, Codi, Robert. Please pray for my whole building C13 at Sheridan as well as all the brothers here. Please pray that I may get work release so I may help my children and my disables mother take care of children. Please pray for these men too; Burrur, Evans, Smith, Walker, McMullen, York, Huluces, Jenkins, Corral, Mackey, Newman, Mirelus, Harris, Norman, Shoudt, Dennis, Run, Grant, Henderson, Cruz, Brown, Ury, Stewart, McGroder, Porter, DeLeon, Collins, Dyllon, Cameron, Carson, Parker, Studevant, Craig, Edwards, Navia, Jamsion, Caldwell, Richmond, Payne, Johns and Williams. His loving servant

Charles - I would like prayer for me to stay focused on Christ and to read His Word more. Pray for me to have a smooth transition to the next building I’m moving to. Pray for my family and daughter Serena to be safe and healthy. Thank you and God bless you.

Clarence – Lord, I’m falling in humility, God help me in this area. God I need a touch from You. Help me press on towards your high calling, which is found in Christ Jesus, amen. I also request prayer for Bro John I, a fellow inmate who seems to be struggling with personal issues. Lift John up before the throne of grace, touch him Lord with your mighty hand, intervene Lord remove his stony heart and give him a pure heart. Do for your honor and your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.

Robert F – I would like prayer for my family, kids and my girlfriend, Lolethea, to just walk in obedience with God. Also pray for Sheridan Correctinal Center, for the inmates and staff to just have the peace and joy of the Lord in their heart and for the Lord just to continue to mold me and build me to fight the good fight for Him and open doors for me. God bless you and thank you for your prayers. Amen.

Jon B – Request for prayer for God to touch the heart of the doctor, Dr. D and medical staff here at Sheridan Corrections and provide me with favor and medical treatment for my illness. Thank you

Levi – First I would like you to pray for the church as a whole (Christian) that we may maturely continue to grow in Christ and share God’s purpose with others. I also need a special prayer for myself. I ask that you pray that I continue to walk in Christ and have the power and courage and lead my children and family in the right direction. My outdate is approaching 4 weeks. I need to be prepared and ready for the life that is awaiting me.

Jacob – I would like for you to pray for my family. I would like for you to pray that God uses me in good and Holy way. I would like you to pray for me that God will use me with the gift music He gave me. I want you to pray for me that God blesses me with a girlfriend and allows us to have kids.

John P. – We here at Sheridan are on a “tight house” which is a generic lockdown. Please pray for us here that we are safe and saved as things can easily happen when the devil is around into people’s idle time. Also pray that the authority who watches over us is safe and that God is using them the way He intends. Also please pray that my daughter write me, graciously yours.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for my sister Latoya to depend upon the Lord. Please pray for my son Antoine Jr. to become a better listener to his Aunt. Also pray for my mom to feel the reassurance of my lifestyle change. Also pray for me to become more faithful in the Lord and following His Word. Also pray for the ministry to continue to be blessed and serve the Lord by doing outreach services.

Rodney – I have been getting discouraged with the things going on here at Sheridan. I’m trying to be humble and patient. Please keep me in your prayers. God bless you.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
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