April 18, 2011

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday April 8, 2011

Other then my forgetting to pass out the sheets of paper for prayer request at the beginning of the session, resulting in the request be written in hurried state manner as the class was dismissing and some choosing to wait until next week, all went well.

We discussed God’s purpose for the family and four God filled moments from our study “God’s Grand Vision for the Home” emphasizing the importance of writing letters and to keep writing even if their children do not write back, to persevere towards God’s purpose of teaching your children God’s love for them .

A couple of personal prayer requests for me; My mom is going through a transition in her life as she leaves her home of many years and moves into assisted living. Please pray that God will help her get through the transition and that she will take refuge in Him. Also lift up praises as I’m blessed with the opportunity to visit Louisiana State Penitentiary, aka Angola, with a group from Awana Lifeline Sunday through Tuesday, please pray for traveling mercies and that God will open the doors for future visits.

Levi – I ask that you pray for this study group as a whole including that we all may continue to grow spiritually ?? (God knows who he is.)

– I pray for God to humble me and give me patience – God bless

Jacob – I’d like for you to pray for my family and pray for me also

Rodney – Please pray that God will continue to strengthen my relationship with my children and watch over them. Thank you

Robert M – Please pray for my children and my family. We all could use prayer in building C13 at Sheridan. His loving servant John P.

– Thanks for keeping me in your prayers as you are in mine. Please keep me in prayer that my daughter will write me. Also please pray that the acting IDOC Director will hand out the six months as my day is approaching with 6 months.

Adam – Grace, peace and mercy to you all, all in the name of Jesus, please pray for all them that are lost, tired and without the Lord in their life. Let’s give Jesus all the praise, honor and glory. God bless, peace and love

Clarence – That I would continue to love others the way God would have me to love them.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

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