April 1, 2011



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED DuPage Youth Home (Wheaton) This is a small facility, housing about 30 or so boys & girls, usually about 12 - 16 years old. We have a weekly Bible Study on Sundays from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. For more information, and for an application, please visit http://dyhbiblestudy.com/

MINISTRY PRAYER REQUESTS We have a VERY BUSY week coming up, with 70+ people registered for our Ministry Training Seminar on Saturday (2nd), then another 60+ men registered for our 2-Day Dads' Classes Seminar in Robinson Prison on Monday & Tuesday, then 40+ teen boys expected at our Movie Night at the IL Youth Center on Thursday (7th). This is in addition fo our regular classes. Please pray that the Gospel is clearly presented & the hearers are drawn closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, please pray that God will replace Chaplain Tom's minivan before it gets too expensive to repair, and that God will raise up His leaders to volunteer in the DuPage Youth Home (above).

INMATES REACHING INMATES FOR CHRIST! "Purpose Driven Life" in Jail "The day I wrote you I found this amazing book, 'The Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren. That said, it has really given me the faith to trust God, I mean really trust Him... P.S. 'A Purpose Driven Life' is an amazing book. I've read it 2 times now. And for some reason our jail has an amazing amount of these books. So, me and 5 others on my block are deep in discussion. Definitely a good read." I received this in a letter from a DeKalb County Jail inmate. The reason the jail has "an amazing amount of these books" is that we supplied them with a case of the books - a case that was one of many cases supplied to us by the Pace family in Oklahoma. I've watched God use this book to spark many inmates to interest in the things of God. It's been my honor to help these inmates build on their interest through one-on-one counseling, classes, and Bible Lessons. And what a blessing that many inmate-driven Bible Studies have begun after their group discussions of Purpose Driven Life. It sure beats having them just watching TV, playing cards and conjuring ways to annoy the Correctional Officers all day!

"Bear" is changing!

I am a 35-year old man who has been through a lot, living in sin and keeping company with the wicked. I used drugs and alcohol to "blur out" pain from being abused and abandoned as a kid. I fueled myself with anger, ego, and self-centeredness. I joined a gang at a young age and have been shot three times and stabbed, almost losing my life in fights, overdosing on drugs, and in driving accidents. I was always on the move, looking to make more money, because I made money my "god." Oh, how wrong I was! The only clarity I had came from people who told me to "find Jesus and walk in His light." But I ignored them and chose to keep on sinning. As a result, I lost my belongs, my family, and now, my freedom. I am very ashamed as I've not been much of a role model for my four children. I am currently in the DuPage County Jail. I was ashamed to pick up a Bible and ask for help - I felt like a hypocrite. But, my Heavenly Father sent inmates in my path, who encouraged me with a book called Purpose Driven Life. I currently attend four Bible classes every week and a Christian Dads Class, that help me be a better follower of Jesus Christ and to teach my children to walk in the right path. I'm headed for Prison, but I've learned a lot here. When I'm faced with adversity, I pick up my Bible and read Ephesians 6 - the Armor of God. I trust Jesus and will walk in His ways the rest of my life. - Bear

Sateville Dads' Prayer Requests

Gregory - I pray for the love of my kids, for them to let me back in their lives please. Thank you Jesus.

Larry - Just pray that I can get through this turbulent time in my life. Pray for my family. Pray for my enemies if I have any. Please pray that I stand fast in continuing to read the Word, so my life will continue to change for the better for my grandchildren's sake. I love them even though I have never met them. I long to see them and if it's the will of God, then it will be done. Amen. Pray for me!

Albert - I need you to pray for 4 of my kids that are in jail, and ask God to look over them, and bless them, and let them know that I love them.

Terrance - Please pray for my family, my case, my faith, & righteousness.

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