April 10, 2011

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday April 1, 2011

Greetings All

We are now in the 3rd of our 4 studies “God’s Grand Vision for the Home.” It is the smallest of our studies in reading, but the consensus last evening was “good things do come in small packages” one of the pluses is we’re able to read the whole chapter out loud as a class.

Congrats to Rodney who recited his memorization of Psalm 1 but the Kingdom story shared by James was the joy of the evening.

James has recently started getting visits from his less than 2 yr old son Brandon. Prior to these visits James hadn’t had any contact with Brandon since early infancy. However, Ashley, Brandon’s mom of late felt it would be to Brandon’s benefit to know his dad, thus the beginning of visitation about a month ago. The visitations our going really well, Brandon gets excited as the day of visitation comes near and does not want to leave at the end of visitation. James further shared that he and Ashley are developing a relationship that wasn’t there before. He gives God the glory saying “Now being a man of God I see the importance of being a dad and through Malachi Dads I’m learning what was never modeled to me growing up” Praises to our glorious and loving God, please keep James, Ashley and Brandon in your prayers.

Another special note; I had an opportunity to talk with Ed, one of the correctional officers before class, (I don’t believe he is a believer). After some short discussion on things in general he shared that his wife Kim is going under medical test to identify the reasons behind her having seizures of late. Without getting long I ask that you pray for Ed, Kim and their whole family and for the doctors to identify then be able to give the medical attention Kim needs.

As always with a humbled heart THANK YOU for your prayers and acknowledgments of praying they are being answered and encouraging

Robert M. – Please pray for my son and mother who are still struggling together, as well as my sister and her kids, my brother and his wife and kids, my family in C13, my unit at Sheridan C. C. We are struggling and I need strength and wisdom. Please pray for my strength and wisdom to help other. Also pray for Raymond G. and his 16-month old son and his mother who are struggling – Thank you His servant.

Lidell – Would you all pray for my friend that when she ges out of prison she will stay off drugs and pray for my mom and my children.

Antoine – I ask to pray for my family and to continue to to grow in the Lord and for me to grow in Christ also. Pray for my son Antoine Jr. to continue to stay healthy and trust in the Lord. Thank you and God bless you.

Adam – Grace, peace and mercy to you all. I hope and pray for the best for all. My biggest prayer is that them that are loss can come into the knowledge of the cross and Christ crucified and come into a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. May God’s power come into this world like it never has, to gather all His children and to put all powers of darkness in their place of everlasting fire and weeping and gnashing of teeth. Remind Satan of his future and give Jesus all the praise, honor and glory. Amen, Amen, peace and love to you all God bless

Charles W. - My name is Charles I would like prayer for patience, non-complacent and vigilance. Thank you and God bless

Clarence – Lord I’m looking to you for guidance, to open these doors that no man can close. My God, Jesus Christ Lord and Savior, favor from on high, from your heavenly throne, touch the heart of my son Justin, keep him, his mother and brother safe and close to You in Jesus name. I would love to hear from them make a way Lord according to you will, in Jesus name, Amen

Robert F. – I am asking for prayer for my family and myself, especially for my kids and their safety to keep His spirit and presence over Sheridan C. C. just to touch the hearts and minds of all the men in Malachi Dads, just thank God for Scott and all his teaching. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

John B. – Seeking prayer for reconciliation with my family of love who also are at my church.

Miguel – I first and foremost thank you for all your prayers and pray that you stay in good health and spirit. I ask that you pray that I continue to keep my faith in the Lord, continue praying and meditating daily. I also ask that you keep my wife in prayer that she finds another job that will benefit her and our children. I also ask that you pray that I stay focused on my recovery and health so when I get out I stay clean and sober so that I can stay with my family. Thank you and God bless

Levi – I ask that you pray for Scott and our entire group study, that we continue to meet regularly to discuss God’s word and continue to enlighten each other. Pray for our families, loved ones, and whatever difficulties we may be going through, that God would strengthen us to continue to be steadfast and continue to focus on Him and His purpose. Finally, pray for the families that would be affected by the budget cut and the suspension of the government.

John P – Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. Please pray that I am led by the spirit to continue in my works for the Lord. Also pray that my faith increases because I still am looking for the six month good time. I will pray that the Lord continues to keep you all merciful as well. Also, please let me continue to love everyone even my enemies. Also pray that one day my daughter will write. Humbly yours.

James – My requests is that God keeps His hands on me and grant me the desires of my heart, that His will be done and that my family will stay in His hands even my friends. Thank you, God bless.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
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