November 10, 2011

Dixon Prayer Request of Renewing Fatherhood class

Greetings All and praise God for the beginning of a new prison ministry season;


Though the time off and being with Michelle a whole bunch was a joyful time, I'm very excited and enthusiastic to begin the new ministry season and to be sending you prayer request! This ministry season has been blessed to have two additional class add to last year's ministry. This season will have two classes at Sheridan Correctional Center; Discipleship 101 which will focus on building a sound foundation of day to day discipleship. the second class at Sheridan and the inaugural class at Dixon Correctional Center is 'Renewing Fatherhood.' It will focus on teach the students fathering skills and the overcoming of their own wounds brought on by their own childhood.


I'm so fill with joy I ask you lift prayers of praise for God blessing me with these opportunities and other prison ministry serving opportunities but that I remain humble and serve for His glory and His glory alone.


I also thank God for you and thank you all for being prayer soldiers for all the students.

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request – Wednesday November 10, 2011

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Ricardo – I would like you to pray for my situation and for God to put His shield of protection over my family and loved ones. Thank you and God bless

William S. – In general; acknowledging that the will of God is done. Specifically; Responding godly yo God’s revealed will.

Jeremy – Please pray for my court situation with custody of my son Kamren. I hope to have my parents adopt him. He lost his mom at 2 weeks old, so all that he has is me. Pray that God uses this class to change me to be a better father and let the court see I’m a better father. (Note: Jeremy is at Dixon only for court appearances, his parent institution is Vandalia. I got an initial good vibe with Jeremy pray that his court proceedings would last until completion of the class. And or he will be able to attend a fatherhood class in Vandalia where I’m to be with New Life Corrections January 2-3.

Michael – I would like to pray for those who have nobody to pray for their prayers to be answer. I also like to pray for good health for all and loving, caring, peaceful life and for ever be in our Father’s protection.

Aubrey – My name is Aubrey I would like prayer for me to have help. I’m a deaf mute, I’m Christian and I thank you Lord. I pray to have my family to have their dad back, I don’t lose my kids (note: as Aubrey states he is a deaf mute and though he has an interpreter he also reads my lips and me to speak slower. My method of teaching is to walk around the room and speak at a pace that will be a challenge for Aubrey to read my lips. Please pray that I will be mindful to communicate in a way for Aubrey to understand all that is being taught).

Courtney – I would like for my family to be prayed for.

Wayne – Pray that my girlfriend Sarah is staying strong and is doing well and to help her build her faith and have God speak to her through out the day. Pray that God will give her hope.

Robert – I desire that you will pray for my children and me to be able to write one another. Also pray that God will continue to comfort their hearts and minds. Pray that God will bless me with more of His spirit. Pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to teach me about love and show me how to walk in His Word. God is Lord in my life and I desire that God’s will, will always prevail here in prison and when I leave here. God teach me to stand for Christ, righteous, God’s grace is sufficient for me. Praise God.

Will – Pray for my children; Jessica, Don and Amber. Pray for my siblings; Donna fighting breast cancer& MS, Jason, in-laws David and Amanda, various family members Desmond, Beau Kim, John and Aaron.

Terry – Would you please pray for my son’s and my relationship to be restored the way before it was before I got incarcerated. Pray that my son’s relationship with Lord Jesus Christ will become better and better everyday and that we will walk faithfully with the Lord. Also pray for my daughter’s and my relationship to also be restored & reconciled. She is 21-years old and just gave birth to my grandson May 27th. My daughter Mariah is 21, my grandson Damuri is 6 months on November 27th, my son Terry Jr. is 12 years-old. Pray for all our relationships to be restored and reconciled through the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you

David – My children’s mother is also incarcerated, youngest daughter was born in Dwight Correctional Center L My children are all in foster care much like I was but they are with family but still split up. Can you pray for all of us all to hold together until this is over and we all can get back together where we belong. I have three children; Jacey 3-years old and whom I’m very close to, Aylah 5-yeas old whom I haven’t seen since she was 7 months old, Sunny 1-month old and whom I still have not met. All little girls J DCFS is setting up visitations now J

 Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas

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