September 30, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests September 30, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - September 30, 2012





Anthony a student and graduate for all three of the Discipleship classes was paroled September 25. Though it is a day of joy it is bittersweet joy. Anthony is a good-hearted and caring person. He would always be certain to seek prayer for Michelle in her support of me in ministry and be certain every week to tell me to eat planning of fruits and raw veggies.


He hopefully has been reunited with his son Stephen, attending to the needs of his mom Loretta and sharing the gospel to them and his brothers Pete & George.


I'm a softie in getting attached to these guys but there are always those individuals God brings into our lives and places them in the most tender parts of our hearts. Anthony is one.


May you be the dad you so richly seek in being to your son Stephen, a caring son to your mother and a testimony of God's transforming work in your life to them and your brothers George and Pete.


May you Anthony as a soldiers of Christ here those words 'Well done my good and faithful servant.' I look forward to the day we are reunited in the Kingdom and break bread but until that day may you glorify Him and enjoy Him. 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


David - the communication open up again with my children. I have not been able to speak with them for half a year. I am struggling with my college work. Pray that I will be able to understand and apply what is being taught. There are several brothers in Christ here who are caught up in depression. Pray they will be filled with the joy of the Lord. Praying that God will bless our small group Bible study in our dayroom.


Name not given - pray for my brother Richard for fast recovery. Pray for sickness, there's something going around Dixon and we don't know what it is. Prayer for a sister to come back into the family.


Ronnie - Prayer for those of this institution (Dixon) have lately contracted uncontrollable illness, that the disease be contained and in their case they find healing through the grace of God.


Modesto - Please pray for Aleida that our Lord heals her mind. She suffers from mental health problems. Please pray for Mario's deliverance from cancer. He's been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. that God may be glorified in his life. Pray for God's peace over him and relief for the physical, emotional and mental pain. Please pray for Yolanda that her body continues to except the liver transplant and she continues to walk in healing. Please pray for godly chaplain to be hired at Dixon C. C.Please pray for the protection and prosperity of the nation of Israel that God protects them from all enemies. Also pray for the Israeli leaders that they seek God's counsel in all their decisions. Please pray for our nation that God protects us all from our enemies, abroad and within. Also for our president and government leaders that they humble themselves before God, seek his face, and obey his word and guiding.


Name not given - Prayer request for my family, children and my grandmother who is sick and my closest friend Alex.


Scott - Say a little something for my mom and sister to stay in good health and stay good money wise. Thanks



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood


Earl - Everyone around the world, friends, family and loved ones. My enemies also, my way of thinking and soul.


Nelson - Prayer request for the following people; mother, father, brother, sisters, grandmother and my kids and my closest friends that I really care for at times God bless!!



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 104

New class begins October 5, 2012 



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood

New class begins October 5, 2012



Kendall County Jail

Pastoral Visits


Paul - For safety, peace and trust in God. For my boys (Paul has been transferred to IDOC begin his 10-year sentence)



SOCPM Student Alumni


 Anthony - Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 graduate Nov. 2011 - Feb. 2012

Discipleship 102 graduate April 2012 - June 2012

Discipleship 103 graduate June 2012 - Sept. 2012

Paroled September 25, 2012


Robert - Vienna Correctional Center

Transforming Incarcerated Dads graduate Feb. 13- 14, 2012

Scheduled for parole October 2, 2012


SOCPM Student Alumni



No Alumni scheduled for discharged 


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