September 1, 2012

FW: SOCPM Student Prayer Requests September 1, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - September 1, 2012





The teaching portion of classes at Sheridan have completed. Next week September 7 will be the recognition ceremony for both Renewing Fatherhood and Discipleship 101 module 3. 


Next week will be the recognition ceremony where the men will receive certificates and Bibles (a gift from Tyndale House). Refreshments have already been denied but I am planning to show the men a DVD 'Inmate Challenge' a panel of three inmates from Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka Angola) encouraging and calling on inmates to be the fathers and men God created them to be. Please pray that the DVD player and TV will be available and ready for the students to watch this awesome DVD and that a change of heart by administration to provide refreshments.


Pray for Dixon. The overall attendance remains a problem

especially in Renewing Fatherhood. I'm not sure if it is related to passes not being issued, schedule conflicts or the hearts of the men are not open to the teachings. Pray God will bring to the surface the reasons behind the poor attendance.


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Wednesday August 29, 2012


Randall - Pray for me to stand firm in Christ against Satan.


William - Please pray for the salvation of my whole family thank you.


Scott - That my mom is doing okay financially and healthwise too.


David - Please continue to pray that my wife will choose to reconcile with me and offer true forgiveness and not choose to marry this other man she is currently seeking. that her church will choose to follow the Biblical model for forgiveness and reconciliation. Please also pray that my children would choose to give me and seek reconciliation. 2 Cor. 13:14, Titus 2:11-15


Ronnie - Keep in prayer the prison health-care system that seems to be overwhelmed with too many requests wherefore some are not properly attended to pray for their attention.


Steve - Bless the families and loved ones with all those who are incarcerated across the country find it in your grace to grant them some relief and peace within their lives. Bless the instructor at his message of discipleship.


Modesto - Thank God for his love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, salvation and faithfulness towards us His children. Thank God for answering prayers concerning my wife Diana and other family members, please pray that God deliver Mario from the spirit of cancer that he brings us to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. Please pray that God delivers us his children from the daily temptations before us, please pray for the protection and safety of the nation of Israel from their enemies that God's hedge of protection always guards them, pray for our nation's protection for our leaders that they always seek God's counsel and guidance in their leading our land.



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Wednesday August 29, 2012


Earl - My friends, family and loved ones



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Friday August 31, 2012


Name not given - Pray for all my loved ones Latonia, Tenille, Denise, Monica, Warren Osborne and his family, Correctional Officer Smith and his family, all men and women of Sheridan, all recovering addicts around the rooms of recovery and those who have yet to make it there, for the babies born left to be born in this horrible world of addictions.


Dean - Pray for my father Curtis' fight with cancer, Aunt Harriet and her cancer all my friends and family, myself for good time so I can go home in February, Scott my teacher and his family to be blessed with all he needs to continue this teaching of the Lord. Thank you.


Johnnie - I ask prayer for the supplication, the uplifting of all the mind body and spirit times show that His will is needed in our lives unconditionally. Things of the world put people into divided houses among family members. I just want God's will to be done in every single man, woman and child's heart.


Name not given - I would like to pray for my big brother for the chance to come home. I would like to pray for my ex girl Donna to give me another chance for her to love me. I pray for my mom to send me some money on September 1.


Reginald - I ask if you pray for my family and friends. I want to thank, Scott, the staff here at Sheridan's Correctional Center and the serving men and women willing to take time out of their day to come here. I pray for these people.


Chris - Please pray that Alexis, Kaylee, and Paige to get everything they need, that they remain safe, also my wife Andrea gets what she needs that she remains sober, also that I can keep an open mind to guys that I interact with on a daily basis that I except they are who they are. Thank you.


William - Please pray for my family and me, that the father continues to bless and protect us. That I am allowed to go home to them now, that we grow stronger in Him and He takes away our physical, mental, spiritual and financial problems. Also pray the Father blesses us in our housing situation. Thank you.


Dale - Pray that I continue to surrender progressively for the rest of my life also that my Almighty God continues to touch the heart of my Godfather to financially support me.


Mario - I ask that you pray for me to have a successful journey in the walk of faith in Jesus Christ. I ask that you pray for my kids and family and protect them from evil spirits and put them on the right path with the Lord. Thank you


Jon - I would like to live in prayer my former Christian landlord Mrs. Rosa she's having a hard time excepting her mother's death. I am asking that God will comfort her so that she may be able to move on. Thank you.


Kenneth - I want to thank God for allowing me to pass my electrician classes, for blessing me with the opportunity to go to St. Leonard's Ministry transitional home. I ask that He will continue to guide me, that He will strengthen me spiritually that I will be able to resist the temptations of the world so that I will know what His will for me is and through the Holy Spirit I hope will be able to perform what He would have me do.


Paul - Thank you for all of your prayers. Please pray for my wife and children, family, friends, neighbors and enemies. Pray for a surrendered spirit to become a part of my spirit. Pray for my son Okie and me in our court issues. Mine is on September 13.


Anthony - Please pray for my mother Loretta for her safety and health. Please pray for my son Stephen that he is in good hands. Please pray for my brothers Pete and George that they are watched by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for Scott's wife Michelle that she continues to have the strength to keep him motivated.  Please pray for the less fortunate people that have nothing. Please keep me in prayer I go home in 25 days.


Name not given - I pray for the salvation of my loved ones mentioned hereafter after, Patricia, Kristina, Wanda Jimmy, Michael,Shontella, JJ,  Boris, Antoine Quentin, Chance Tonya, Angie, Debra and everyone else who has hasn't accepted Jesus as lord and Savior.r. I pray they get to know the Lord intimately and personally and people of God continue to be put in their paths.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Friday August 31, 2012


No Class




Prayers of Special Note


Paul - For continued healing and trust in God.



SOCPM Student Alumni  August 26 - September 1, 2012  



Shawn - Dixon's Renewing Fatherhood; Nov. 2011 - Feb. 2012 was paroled August 27th





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