July 10, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests July 7, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - July 7, 2012




The SCC Renewing Fatherhood class shared about being a man in today's culture.


The SCC Discipleship 101: Trusting God Even When it Hurts discussed 'God's sovereignty and is e in control?'


Thanks for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


Class begins July 11, 2011



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood


Class resumes July 11, 2011



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


Anthony - Please pray for my mother, Lorette that she is in good spirits and that her new retirement is going well. That she is safe and healthy. Please pray for my son Stephen that he is safe, where ever he may be. Please pray for my brothers (Pete and George) that they are both safe and healthy. Please pray that my parole site gets approved. Please pray for Scott's wife Michelle that she continue to have the strength to keep Scott going. That Scott watch what he eats. That he eat lots of fruit and vegetables raw.


Paul - I would like you to pray for my family, friends, neighbors and enemies. I would like prayer for God's mercy on my son's and my court cases. Pray for blessings for all those who are not learning their understanding on faith/trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Christopher - Pray that my 120 (remaining days until parole) will go well and I will be able to my brothers in Iowa. Pray that Vaness is doing the right things in her life cause I will be able to come home to her and the kids in 120 days. Pray that I may be able to make the birth of Lexis' first baby in August if the good times come back. Thank you. God bless


Jon - I seek prayer for God to soften the hearts of Sheridan Correctional Center staff and turn their hearts sensitive to my plea to parole to my church family upon my release September 21st. Thank you!!


Name to given - I ask for prayer for the world.


Reginald - I pray that my mother and grandmom are ok with all this heat. I pray that my back stop hurting soon. I pray that my kids are doing ok and my grandbabies and nieces too.


Dale - Pray for learning spiritually what's being read.


Name not given - I need you to pray for me to get home to my family early because my daughter will be very happy. Pray for me to stay positive and live life on life's terms.


Chris - Please pray for my wife Andrea and my daughters Alexis, Kaylee, and Paige. That they get everything they need and remain safe and that Andrea is able to keep clean. Thank you.


Kenneth - That my friend may find her way to Christ, that my family be kept safe from all danger and harm, that the relationship between my children and me be restored, that the Lord will direct me in the way He would have me go as I prepare for my release.


Antoine - I pray that you give thanks to God for His continued blessings.  I ask that you pray for my family that they will not lean on their own understanding but to put their trust in the Lord. I ask that you pray for everyone in here and our families, for the Soldiers of Christ ministry and Scott.


Name not given - I pray for the salvation of my loved ones and that the Holy Spirit moves mightily to return the lost back to Him. My loved ones are Irene. Kristina, Vincent, Wanda, Jimmy, Derek, Patricia, Afton, Angie, Jennifer, Tonya, Borus, Antwan Bianca. 


Mario - Please pray for my children and pray for me to focus on my journey in Christ to really open my heart to Jesus Christ. I ask you pray for my family and everybody around them. I ask for you to pray for me to understand the power of the Word and I ask that you pray and receive a blessing for praying for me to receive a blessing. Thank you.


Bulmaro - Please pray for me as I'm release from this place July 31st. I ask that my heavenly father keep me safe away from alcohol/drugs. I want to live a godly life. Also pray that I find a job so that I can take care of my family.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood

Svondo - I would like for you to pray for us all that we all get the grace mercy and blessing and that we confess and ask for forgiveness of ours sins. And at the Lord's will that He grants me work release so that I'm able to make it out there in the world to take care of my family and my problems.


Name not given - Pray for all the children in the Chicago area that are in harms way that God cover them with His grace and mercy and that the murder will stop or at lest slow down drastically.


Name not given - Pray for Mason, Elias, Morgan for protection, safety, security and love. That Rachel will come close to Jesus and be safe.


Kenneth - Pray for my son and my daughter, my aunts, uncles and cousins. My issues concerning where I'll go upon my release from prison. My countenance in the faith and my walk with Christ.


James - For my mother Becky's health concerning her spinal fluid and eye. My cellie Ward and his home issues. Always my son Cayden allowing him to be effected positively by this mistake on my part and being absent in his life. The continued growth, continuity and unity with my son Cayden's mother Casey and her husband Shane. My father Louis and his health with this heat, my grandmother Sadra and her mental plus emotional issues. Just for love, peace, knowledge, understanding, faith, parenting discipline.


Clarence - Pray for Brenna and Billy.


Mark - Pray for my family and loved ones. Pray for my son and his mother and her family and loved ones. Pray for all inmates who are incarcerated and for all the ones who lost a trial and pray for all the ones who haven't been visited in awhile.


Tyree - Pray that I get my impulse under control cause that's destroying my life and to be a better thinker, not let the title things bother me any more. Pray that I could make it out to my family and be safe and my mother get a job so she could pay her bills.


Lyvon - Please pray God continues to watch over all his children and shares His grace with all. Also that everyone is safe during those holiday travels.



SOCPM Student Alumni

Paroles & Discharges


Lemont - A student in Discipleship 101 November 2011 - June 2012 at Sheridan will be paroled July 10.


William - A student in Renewing Fatherhood November 2011 - January 2012 at Dixon will be paroled July 11


Marquette - A student in Renewing Fatherhood November 2011 - February 2012 at Sheridan will be paroled July 13




Prayers of Special Note


James - Please pray for Shericka, Ericka, Yolanda, Meliek, JaAvonte, and James. Peace and blessings.


Jorge - Pray for my family's & son's well being and to keep them safe from harms way and for me to get home safely. (Jorge works in the building I teach the classes. I was blessed with some additional time with Jorge yesterday and shared the gospel and challenged him to read the gospel of John, 1 chapter a day for next 3 weeks. He said he would. Pray the Holy Spirit will touch him over those three weeks.)


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