March 7, 2011

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday March 4 2011

Greeting Prayer Warriors;

It is hard to believe SOCPM and the men of Sheridan are approaching the mid-point of the Malachi Dads program. The class has lost several men and though that is disappointing God has told me not to focus on those who chose to drop as defeat but to focus on those who are persevering, focus on their hunger to be Malachi Dads, they are the ones who are worthy of my persevering.

Rodney – Please pray that God will strengthen my relationship with my children

Charles – My name is Charles I would like you to pray for my struggle to lose weight. Also pray for me to live one day at a time and not worry about the future.

Clarence – Just a closer walk with God, godly wisdom, In Jesus name Amen

Robert F – I’m asking for prayer on my life bring me into a more deeper intimate relationship and obedience with God, keep my spiritual eyes and ears open to hear his will and see where he is working so I can join him and just look over my family and Sheridan C. C. thank you and God bless you and your family.

Lidell- Could you pray for my mom and my children and my aunt all of my family. Also could you please pray for me to go home on work release.

Antoine - I would like you to pray for me and overcome my shortcomings, to be able to hold and live by the word, to continue my faith and belief in Jesus, to help me lead like Jesus and shine His light in my life. Pray for my family to be kept in His arms and Word. To pray for everyone in prison or jail and for prison ministries everywhere

Adam – Grace, peace and mercy to you and your ministry and from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I’m asking for prayer for the saints and the family of God. Let’s pray for the persecuted and persecutors. Let’s pray for all the sick and suffering out in the world and ask that the Lord to send out workers in the harvest. Praise God in Jesus name. God bless, peace and love

Levi – I would like to ask you to pray for God’s trusted servants (Scott and Brian) that they may continue to minister the Word of God to others just like me and that they may have strength in their weakness. Also pray for us who are seeking to learn to live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and conform to the precepts of the Father. Finally, pray for our families that God will touch their lives and reveal Himself to that, that they may develop faith and learn to trust and obey Him.

Miguel – I thank you for your prayers and your dedication to pray for others. I ask that you pray for my wife and children that the Lord keeps them strong in the Word and they continue to look for the Lord to guide their way. I ask the same for myself but also that the Lord helps me to forgive those that continue to speak down on me to others and that my faith to take over and doesn’t allow me to become bitter to those men. Thank you for everything and God bless.

Jon B – Request for prayer to soften the hearts of prison officials here to grant me good time credit off my sentence giving me an early release. There is talk among prison officials that they got the green light to lift the suspension of good time, allowing us to receive up to 180 days off our sentence.

John P – Dear prayer warriors. I would just like to thank you for praying for me. Secondly I would like to thank you for taking time to pray for my requests. Also I would like to have some mail sent just to let me know that someone thinks of me because I haven’t heard from anyone in awhile. Please keep me in your godly ways. Thanks, pray fully yours.

Robert – I pray and ask for your prayers to help my mother support son. Also they are suppose to come to visit me. It has been since Dec 6, 2009, the last I him. Please pray to reunite us soon. My sister hurt herself Wednesday night. Also she is pregnant and has two boys already. Please also pray my two daughters. I love you, His loving servant.

DeAngelo – I really just want to thank God for being so merciful on my life but I want a special prayer request for my mother, my daughter and my auntys, for them mentally spiritually, physically and emotionally. I pray that I and my child mother can be together so that we can both raise godly children and be a happy family.

I didn’t choose the last prayer to be intentionally the last prayer but it simply was the way they came out of thefolder, but how fitting that last sentence. I pray that I and my child mother can be together so that we can both raise godly children and be a happy family. May are hearts be truly surrendered to God as we lift all of these prayer requests in hopes all of the men will be godly dads, have godly wives, raising godly children in godly homes.

Imagine the impact if each of these men upon returning to their families and their communities indeed raise godly families and their families in return raise godly families and so on, generations of lost sheep not glorifying God and bring His love and mercy to those they encounter, how the gospel of Jesus Christ can spread like wildfire in the most broken areas of our cities and communities.

On a final note as I was transposing the prayer request in to an e-mail I received a call from Brian who has co-led Malachi Dads with me, sharing that in his new position as a counselor at Sheridan he was told he have to drop his role as a prison volunteer. This is a big heartfelt loss for Brian, I too will miss his assistance and love for the men, and of course so will the men. Please pray that God will use Brian in ways beyond his imagination in this new career.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™

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