November 24, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests November 24, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests





I hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving.


We concluded Discipleship 101 at Dixon with the distribution of certificates and a discussion on possible curriculum for the next class scheduled to start in January 2013 along with Renewing Fatherhood.


Despite passes being issued it appears the some of the correctional officers were not letting men attend Renewing Fatherhood at Sheridan. It may have been because of reduced staff for the holiday.  Five men did attend and instead of teaching the scheduled topic of relationships we discussed some of the hardest trials they have encountered while being incarcerated.  


There was no issue with passed for the evening's Discipleship 100 at Sheridan as we discussed prayer. Because there being no class next week on November 30, the class laid hands on Jesse who is scheduled to be paroled December 5th and was attending his last class.  


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




No classes next week as I will be out-of-town.


Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101


A class prayer of discernment in choosing a curriculum for January 2013, that will be challenging and structured in such away that for students who have work schedule conflicts it will not have a big impact on them when they need to miss.



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood


No class in session, schedule to resume at a future date.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 100


Terry - please pray for me lately blessed Jesus that I made gods will stay humble and pray for my family stay safe and be blessed Jesus. Pray for my mom to please,that she may stay safe. Thank you.


Damon - Just to give God thanks I am truly blessed.


Dwayne - Please pray for my grandmother that she will be healed and have strange to live and love. Also please pray for my grandfather that he will have strength in his body to carryout God's will and his daily duties. Thanks!!!


William - Please pray with me and thank the Lord for all the wonderful things he has done for us to get to do. Thank you. 

Philip - Please pray that I can overcome the fear in my life that will be back to following Christ. I would like also to overcome sin of gluttony (overeating).


Paul - Pray for my wife, children neighbors and enemies. Pray for my son and my court issues. Prayed needed for me to desire a surrendered spirit. Help us all to endure in our daily walk here in prison. Amen.


Johnnie - I asked for prayer for all of humanity and me as there is so mych going on around the world and I just call n peace and patience endurance in the name of our Lord and Savior.


Sylvester - I ask prayer for spiritual maturity among the body of Christ. I also ask the transition from spiritual milk to solid food is made in accordance to our fathers will. 


Dale - Pray that my ex-wife give up drinking also continue to care for my mom. Plus thank Him for supply of financial support.


Donnie - Pray for my family.


Quintin - Would you please pray that God restore my relationship with my kids, family and friends that I really messed up. I know that prayer goes a long way with God. Also pray for the men that are in here in prison and their loved ones. Thank you and may God bless you too.


Herman - I would love for you to pray for my family and me. In the mist of all things we all need prayer. I'm not with my family now but I'm praying that God will put us back together so please pray for us, I will pray for you.


Moses - Pray for my family, Pray that when I leave here I get a job.


José - I would like you to pray for my little family especially for my girlfriend, mother of my children she needs our prayers. She tries to look for a job I can't be there to help her pay her bills. She's looking for a job. Pray for her please God I need your help please. I'm sorry for my sins, sorry God for leaving my girlfriend by herself with my kids. Thank you.


Chris - Could you please pray for my wife Andrea that she remain sober another day that she is safe and she gets everything she needs. Also pray for my girls Alexis, Paige and Kaylee that they remain safe and get everything they need and finally pray for me being open to change for the better and that I could be completely unselfish in my affairs.


Joseph - I would like you to pray for the officer here in Sheridan that didn't let me out of my cell today for 'Inside Out Dads. I had a call pass and sat by my door for 30 minutes still no response. I hope and pray I get a call pass two Fridays from now. God bless us all and happy holidays. 


Name not given - I need everybody to pray for my girlfriend she's having medical problems and I need everybody to ask God to look out for her until I get home to help. Thank you God bless.


Name not given - That I get a grip on my emotions towards my marriage and I learn how to trust my wife more and love her for her and not judge her. That I get home quickly. That I understand Christ more and more each day That my wife and me to be true friends and followers of Christ. 


Jesse - Prayers for my mother Lupe she just had surgery on her leg and needs to have surgery on her other leg. So pray that she will come through victorious and have a good recovery. In Jesus name amen.


Dean - Prayer for my father, grandson and my mom's sister is going through cancer and the other breast now. Pray for God to put His hand on Scott and his son Cameron and bring them back together before it is to late. God bless.


Name not given - Pray for my family's safety and bless the world and everybody in it. Thank you.


Name not given - I want to put in for a request in for Edie to ease her arthritis pain in her joints. I want to put a prayer request in for Hunter to get over his allergies and itching and to leave the Mayo Clinic healthy. I would like to put a prayer request in for Melanie to help her on her journey into her new job and her GED test.


Kenneth - I pray for guidance as I get ready to leave this wilderness. I don't have anything or anyone on the outside whom I can trust or depend on and it's scary to be going out there and not know what lies ahead for me. I don't want to get in the way and start posing my own will to the situation. I'm standing on my faith that everything will be fine but I ask for prayer for strength to hold on when times get rough or when things don't happen as fast as I may need or want.


Michael - Please pray for my family especially Nancy the woman I plan to marry.


Name not given - I pray that God continue to use us as vessels that carry his message to loss sinners. Amen. I pray that God continues to give us the power to carry out His will everyday. Amen.


Name not given - I would like to play for my children, my family and loved ones. All the man and woman Sheridan, all retain Sandy victims, went Osborn and his family, my grandchildren, Denise and her family, Ret and family, Mrs Lager and family and Scott's son.





Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood


Roderick - Please pray for my children and loved ones pray I retain custody of my children and pray for my upcoming court date and for an early release. 


Fadell - Pray for overwhelming issues I need to deal with the biggest being my dealing with my wife's death in an auto accident in 2008. 


Chris - That my girlfriend and my children are safe and that they'll resume communication.


Jonathan - That I continue to seek God and improve upon myself and feel better about myself.


Santos - I continue to learn on ow to better express my emotions and respect myself.



Kendall County Jail

Pastoral Visits


No pastoral visits



SOCPM Student Alumni



No paroles scheduled 


SOCPM Student Alumni



Kevin - Sheridan Correctional Center

Malachi Dads - Participant Oct. 2010 - Feb. 2011

Sentence discharged November 11, 2012


Robert - Sheridan Correctional Center

Life Institute - Participant Aug. 2009 - Oct. 2009 

Sentence discharge scheduled November 23, 2012


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