February 5, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests

Greetings All, well after a week of snow canceling one gathering and a long weekend getaway with my wife Michelle it was a blessing to be back in both Dixon and Sheridan.


Several praises; The Dixon Renewing Fatherhood class graduated this past Wednesday and though a joy to see the men complete the class it is bittersweet in saying good-bye. I ask that you as the Lord prompts you to keep them in your prayers. I keep track of their parole and discharge dates and will through future prayer requests e-mails make you aware of when those dates come so you can lift them in prayer. SOCPM is blessed that God has put in the hearts of Dixon's Assistant Warden of Programs to bring back Renewing Fatherhood for a second session and to also present as a new class Discipleship 101. SOCPOM is also blessed in God putting into the hearts of staff at Sheridan to bring back another session of Renewing Fatherhood and to continue to the second module of Discipleship 101.


Speaking of prayers on behalf of men being paroled the following men are paroled or will be in the upcoming week.



Julian - A student in the Sheridan Renewing Fatherhood class was paroled January 20th.

Arsenio -  A student in the Sheridan Renewing Fatherhood class was paroled February 3rd.

Steven A. A student in both Sheridan Renewing Fatherhood and Discipleship will be paroled February 8th



Andre - A student in Dixon Renewing Fatherhood was transferred to a East Moline Correctional Center

Jacob - A student in last years Malachi Dads class was transferred to Lawrence Correctional Center


Please lift these men in prayer that their transitions in their lives will be God glorifying.

Dixon Correctional Center Renewing Fatherhood
Prayer Request – Wednesday February 1, 2012

Joseph- my prayers are that you continuously keep my family, everyone involved in this class and me in your prayers.

Michael – I deeply and compassionately wish so purely from my heart for those who are less fortunate then us or others and for those who are lost in the darkness of evil powers of the devil and his demons who lurk and devour every lost soul and continue on in God’s will, love. Grace, guidance and protection so they may have the chance to be able to truly transform into such a greater person that they can become and to have a changed life of the will of God our heavenly Father.

David – For God’s blessing and guidance in the pursuit of legal means to possibly being released from prison and having charges dropped., for God to bless, protect, and continue to provide for my family and also for forgiveness and reconciliation with them, restoration of my marriage, for me to continue to grow in the knowledge of God’s word and for me to live the kind of life God has called me to live.

Steve – Dear Father, thank you for this day, thank you for another opportunity to appreciate your blessings and your good will. Thank you for helping me to provide leadership for my children and my family through your grace and my prayers. I ask only that you keep them strong and safe and that you help me mentally comprehensive so that I may continue to learn how to serve you better. Amen

Wayne – I pray that God comes into my life more and watches over Lorah, my kids and family. Thanks again, God Bless.

Name not Given – Dillon, Wanda, Kat, Sophia, Bud, Devon, Nate, Stella, Chris & Brooke

William S. – For continued strength to fulfill His will & I will fill His will. Bless the name of Jesus

Jeremy – Please pray for my court case with my parents getting custody of my son Kamren, also pray that the Warden at Dixon approves his transfer to Dixon (Jeremy is what is termed on writ to Dixon for court hearings)

Robert S. – I need you to stand with me against the evil forces that come up against us as men of God and that God will continue to lead us and guide us and continue to let us stand up as great men of God in all that we do and say. Also pray that God will let us be led by a spirit of tolerance, may God bless us to stand for what’s right and what’s good. We cannot jut be tolerant alone. Lord I pray that God will continue to bless us with His Holy Spirit to guide us. In Jesus name Amen Pray for this class to continue and pray for me to let God our Creator to lead me as well as yourself in ‘all’ for our Lord. Thank you. Amen

Sheridan Correctional Center

Prayer Request – Friday February 3, 2012

Renewing Fatherhood

Yusef – Tashiba, Satina, Terrance, Derrick, Courtney, Cassie and all family and friends to be blesse. Covered by the blood of Jesus in peace, prosperity & power to overcome all demonic spirits.

Robert J. – I’m praying for the whole world

Jason – Please pray for my daughter Katelynn to be accepting of Jesus and my new way of life.

Rick – Please pray for my family and me and my safe return to them soon. Pray that my mind opens up to retain more of his words as my heart is accepting.

Christopher F. – Pray for Devin, Debra, Jimielee, William all of the guys in C26 and the Westcare staff.

Gary – I ask that you pray for me to succeed leaving Sheridan & pray for my family.

Name not given – That my women of 15 years will come back to me. That the good times will come back soon.

Discipleship 101

Dean – I ask for prayers for my Aunt Harriet, who has breast cancer and who is now having a real rough time in chemo and in now in stage 4. Pray for my mom Nancy who is struggling with her sister going through this myself. I ask for prayers for myself, as I will be submitting paperwork for work realse over the next week or two and would really love to go and feel that I’m more then ready.

Rick R. – Pray for me to understand and be patient for my understanding of the er has a safe & healthy completely trust that He loves me. Pray for my faith please.

Anthony – Please pray for my mother that she stay safe and healthy. Pray for my son Stephen that he stays focused and finish school in May. Pray for my brother Pete that he get through his addiction. Pray for my brother George that he find employment and stay strong while watching over my son. Pray for our group that we may find what we are looking for.

Jon – Seeking prayer for favor, grace and good news. Thanks

Rick D. – Please pray for my family and the Mastrinos. Pray for all the men of Sheridan Correctional Center. Pray for the Kedzie House Recovery Home of Chicago.

Christopher M. – Please pray for my family and me. Pray that my significant other make it through this in our lives. Pray that my daughter that she have a safe and healthy pregnancy and that the body is healthy. Pray that we will be together again.

William H. – I praise God for this ministry and it’s health. Please pray for my family and I to come to a more intimate relationship with Christ. I pray God that I can do His will and not my own. I ask that you pray for our reunification. Pray for God’s protection and righteousness. I will be going home soon. I don’t want to ever to drink or smoke cigarettes again. Please pray that God takes the taste for that garbage away. Thank you

Clarence – Keep me with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Pray that I would grow stronger and stronger in my faith, trusting God all the way, never wavering or compromising with evil. Pray for purification of body, mind and soul, also reconciliation with my kids and making amends to those I’ve offended. God fix my broken situation for your glory. In Jesus name Amen.

Antoine – I thank God for all you praying for us and are families. I ask now that you pray for my mom, Bobbie. The Lord has truly been blessing her. I also ask that you pray for my sister Latoya that she would find the Lord and accept Him as her Savior. Pray for my son Antoine jr. that he and all y family continue to be healthy and prosper. Thank you

Robert M. – Thank you first for all these prayers. Please pray first for Mike and especially for his mother Carol. She is dying and in ICU. He is here at Sheridan and has almost t.no communication with her. Please also pray for my mother she had surgery to replace her knee on 1-30-12. Also pray for my children and their knowledge of the Lord as well as their health. Also please pray for me for strength as I walk with Christ, also as I help others to Christ. Thank you. His loving servant.

Robert H. – I will be going home to a halfway house 3-13-12. Pray that God will provide a good job no a awesome job, An on fire church full of the Spirit and Bible believing, teaching church and for God to open doors only He open and close doors only He can close.

Richard T. – Please pray that I be guided to the Discipleship aftercare program that fulfills God’s plan for me. I’ll be released June 25th. God bless you, love and prayers.

Name not given – May the Lord bless all the correctional staff with honesty, devotion, integrity and contrition of heart to treat all as family. May the Lord bless all the visitors who come to share and improve the quality of our recovery. May God grant Michael the patience, endurance, strength and resolve to be more like Christ His Son and the same for all the clients here. I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

Yusef – To pray for my two families including connected family and friends who know and know of the two families. In Jesus name

Robert J. I’m praying that know one will have to live my life ever.


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