July 2, 2011

Sheridan Correctional Malachi Dads Prayer Request - Friday July 1, 2011

Greeting all;

Though it was a joy to spend the past couple of weeks with my mom in Henderson, NV it is also a joy to be home and back with the men of Sheridan on Friday nights.

A special request, as you will read in Antoine's prayer request, Antoine is enduring one of imprisonments toughest challenges, the death of a loved one, for Antoine, it was the passing of his father. For most of us we can only imagine what it must be like to grieve not only the death of a loved one but to grieve without other loved ones grieving the same loss. He will not be with them when they gather to share the memories of his dad, whether they be ones of laughter or tears. To grieve in unity is a great healer, to grieve in solitude from family and loved ones is hard, please be certain to life Antoine during this time of being apart from family

Jon B – Seeking prayer for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make he right decisions in my daily life and J for God’s favor and grace. Thank you

Charles W – Hello, I would like prayer for the understanding of God’s Word, for a good relationship with my daughter Serena and ex-wife Angie and for me to have faith in my decisions.

Robert F. – I’m asking for prayer for my family just to seek to seek the Lord and to walk in obedience and for myself to walk in the light and to be on fire for the Lord, just not read and talk in obedience but to live it everyday in my life and to keep His loving arms around every inmate in Sheridan and if it’s the Lord’s will for me to receive work release. Thank you God bless you and your family.

Clarence – Hello God bless you, pray my strength in the Lord that I will steadfast and persevere in faithfulness. Pray that I would seen receive a letter from my son and his mother Finesha, Justin, Brendon and Derrius.

Jacob – I would like you to pray that God protect me from all my enemies including my cell mate he tries to intimidate me and make me feel down. But I refuse to let him do that because God is on my side. I pray that God give me inner peace so I can make it through this time.

Robert M – I would like to start by thanking you. Then please pray for the brothers who have asked me to their families, the Lord knows who is in my heart. They may not know the Lord well, but please help them and their families. Also please continue to pray for my family and myself so that I can grow to be the man He made me to be. Thank you His loving servant.

John P. – Thanks for continuing to keep us ‘Malachi Dads’ in your prayers. Scott thanks for continuing to keep all of us in your prayers. Please pray for my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am trying to rely on my faith ‘faith’ but I am getting a little anxious as I have four months left now. Please pray that I get a response from my daughters one day. Humbly yours.

Antoine – I ask that you pray for me and my brothers and sisters. My father passed on June 26, and I am having a tough time. Also for my son and nieces and nephews, that the Lord may strengthen us in our time of grief.
???? – Please pray for Tyrell, he is going through some things with his family.

A final request, the Malachi Dads class is drawing to a close in a few weeks, please pray that those in position at Sheridan will show favor to the Malachi Dads and agree to a Malachi Dads graduation celebration where these men 'the Malachi Dads' can experience the affirmation they deserve for their pursuit to be godly fathers to their children.

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord;

Scott Kalas
Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries™

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