July 30, 2012

Jail-Christian men, soldiering together!


Christian men, soldiering together in the cause of Christ!


   July 30, 2012                                                      at WAYSIDE CROSS MINISTRIES, AURORA IL         





An Historical Perspective of Fathering

God's Plan to

Solve the Problem Pride, Humility & Grace

  Re-building Trust



What is a Real Man?


Setting Goals



Spirituality, Religion & Christianity  

Christianity & Change   



Handling Anger

Conflict Resolution  


Alcohol & Drugs




Providing Treasure  

More "Distant Dad" Activities




Marriage,Love & Lust  



The  Perfect Father  

How did I Learn

to be a Dad?  

Being a Good Example



Dad is a Leader, 

A Servant-Leader  




Courageous, the Movie

Awarding of


of Completion

We'll usually car-pool to prison on the Sunday afternoon/evening before the seminar, and stay in a motel for two nights, returning on the Tuesday evening after the seminar.  We share the motel expenses - two men to a room - and the gas expense. We pay for our own meals. As a "co-leader," you'll be expected to facilitate small-group discussions with the inmates between the classes.  




men are



Click here to

read a letter from an inmate!


Our first "Road Team" adventure consisted of four of us going to the Robinson Correctional Center (prison) in Robinson, Illinois, in April, 2011.


       Brian Polencheck       Dave Haidle       Chaplain Tom        George King

We presented our first "Dads' Classes" in a 2-Day Seminar format to 60 eager inmates. 









On our Dads' Classes "Road Teams," we present the same Dads' Classes we have weekly in many local County Jails, but we present them in a 2-Day Seminar.  We  visit Prisons, where weekly classes simply are not an option for us.  Our purpose is to:

  • Bring the Gospel to the inmates in the context of fatherhood,
  • Spark an interest in the men to become better Dads, break the  generational cycle of crime, reduce recidivism, and
  • Spark an interest in the Prison Staff to welcome the year-long Malachi Dads' Program.

George King:  "I found that the time we spent together was very enjoyable and rewarding.   What was accomplished more than achieved all of our expectations.   It was the perfect way to reach out and I felt we really touched the lives of the men.  In fact they asked if we are coming  back and said they would spread the word how helpful we were to them."  (Note: We've been invited back to Robinson twice since then.)



Please email Chaplain Tom to sign up! tbeatty@waysidecross.org


Dave Haidle:  "The majority of men in prison are fathers and contrary to what many might think, these men are eager to be good fathers to their children.  Our communities can only benefit from these men becoming better fathers.  I can't think of a better investment of time than to be teaching eager men about God's perspective on fathering. It is challenging, humbling and rewarding;  plus you get to know other brothers in Christ on a deeper level as you soldier together."


We have small-group discussions between the classes, and with 60 or 80 inmates and 4 volunteers, leads to "small groups" of 15 - 20!  We need some more volunteers!  

Brian Polencheck:  "I think I believed that most of the inmates would be there as a way to have this look good on their record.  What I found was that the majority really wanted to learn how to be a good fathers and men. I could see the hurt in many of their eyes and voices because of not having those relationships with their children and wives. I believe many really had no idea how to fix the hurt and pain they had or inflicted on those they cared about. I also discovered, after experiencing the small group sessions, how many of these men had no father or male role models and the ones they had were quite the opposite of good role models. I wondered how I would have turned out if I would have experienced the same as them.   I realized I could be in their place."

Please email Chaplain Tom - tbeatty@waysidecross.org - for more information or to sign-up!

We need additional men for our "Road Teams!"



PLEASE PRAY that more prisons will welcome us to do our Dads' Classes as a 2-Day Seminar.  


PLEASE PRAY that God works in the hearts of the inmates & staff, that the Gospel is clearly heard & that many men receive Jesus Christ as their Savior & Lord.


Kym, one last item:  PLEASE PRAY about supporting the New Life Corrections Ministry financially.  We're really in need of monthly contributors.  If you could make a donation, perhaps the easiest way is to click here.  Please designate for New Life Corrections.  THANK YOU!





Dr. Gene Getz (Measure of a Man) will be the Keynote Speaker at our 


(our only fund-raising event)

Saturday, November 3rd, 6:30 PM

at Village Bible Church, in Sugar Grove


Click here for a video invitation from Dr. Getz!


July 28, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests July 28, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - July 28, 2012



Greetings Kim! 

An emergency count, where all inmate movement is halted for about 1.5 hours, a few minutes before the Renewing Fatherhood resulted in only 3 students attending. In addition the books for the Discipleship 101 class were not available for distribution. Ongoing challenges have been a constant at Dixon. Please pray for God to halt further challenges and allow for classes to be fully attended and supplied with the curriculum books.


Praise God Sheridan classes continue and continue strongly as we have some good group discussions on God's sovereignty. 


Quite a few prayer this week so I'll let you begin lifting them up to our AWESOME GOD


Thanks so much for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 




Dixon Correctional Center

Discipleship 101
Wednesday July 25, 2012


Name not given - Pray for my granddaughter (8 months old) that she be dedicated to almighty God.


Modesto - Please pray for Yolanda's complete physical and spiritual healing. Please pray for the children of all the incarcerated that the Lord strengthen the bond between these children and their incarcerated father or mother and that they all would be drawn closer to Christ.


Cecil - Please pray for my family, my mother most of all. please pray for my fiancé that she stays well, for my son, for my early release from prison. I also pray for wisdom.


Randy - Confidence in speaking the Word to others.




Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Wednesday July 25, 2012


None due in part to the emergency count.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Friday July 20, 2012


Name not given - Pray for Officer Smith's family, his father and his well being. Pray for my family and loved ones. Pray for Denise and her family. Pray for my growing stronger in my faith and my understanding of the Bible, my sobriety and that God watch over me and allow his will to be done not mine.


Chris - Could you pray my wife Andrea stays sober and gets everything she needs, that my children remain safe and get everything they need and that I'm able to be open minded to other people's spirituality in a healthy way and pray for them.


Name not given - I would like you to put a prayer request in for Katie and Kirk's travels and to put a shield of protection around them. Pray for Robin and Jay for their health and well being. Pray for Melanie for her to make the right career choice when it comes up. 


Paul - Pray for my wife, kids, family of far off, friends, neighbors and enemies. Pray for my step-son Okiie and my's court issues, asking for mercy and that the courts have a change of heart. I pray for thanks for all your prayers.


Anthony - Please pray for my mother Lorette that she continue to be healthy. Please pray for my son Stephen that he be safe where ever he may be. Please pray for my brothers Pete and George that the Holy Spirit be with them both. Pray for Scott's wife Michelle that she continue to have the strength to keep Scott going. Please pray for my boss Mr. K that Jesus wold [lease help him get through whatever it is that is bugging him. Prayer of praise my parole has been approved and I have a real nice parole officer. Please pray that I have the strength to get through the end of this journey. 


 Dale - Pray to stay steadfast an the Lord by surrendering faithfully. Pray for my mom in nursing home.


Mario - I ask that you pray for my kids to stay strong until daddy comes home and I ask that you pray for me and keep me spiritually strong to give me the confidence to do right for myself and my family. Thank you.


Name not given - I pray for the salvation of my mentioned loved ones, Wanda, Jimmy, Dee Dee, Shantella, Kristina, BJ, Lola, Debra, Afton, Angie Lori, Chance and Curtis. I pray the Holy Spirit does a mighty work in us all that we might do great things to bring glory to God and in Jesus name I pray our personal relationship is strengthened. Amen


Bulmaro - (Bulmaro is being paroled Monday) First of all I like to thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. I'm asking you if you can continue to pray for me that I stay out and find a job. Pray that I soon reunion with my family who are living in Mexico. I will be leaving on Monday, pray for my safety and the safety of my family. Thank you I will continue pray for all of you who pray for me. 


Louis - I need prayer please keep me in yours that I stay in the Word and continue to study my Bible Because what I am going through here at Sheridan, the people seem not care. I've try to talk with the Warden about why I think I should be with my son since he is here at Sheridan, that all I want to do is to teach him about the Word, study the Bible with my son, guide him in the right direction. I don't want to see my son make the same mistake, but the Warden seems not to care. Please pray that he changes his mind, let him see the better picture. All this stresses me out and at times I blame God for it, for not answering my prayers. Please pray for me Thank you..


Dean - My father Curtis continues to struggle but is holding his won,. It's in God's hands. My Aunt Harriet continues to struggle with breast cancer and is not doing well. Pray for all my family for their continued health and welfare. My own health as I'm struggling with some issues and need to get home for proper care. Pray for my teacher Scott and his family.


Christopher - Pray that the next 100 days will go as fast as the last 631 day have! Continue to pray that Vanessa and I will continue our relationship when I am released. Pray for Lex having her baby in 33 days. I will miss it but she will be in my prayers. Thank you God bless.


Reginald - Pray that God will lead me in the right way when I get home. I pray that my kids be safe as they go day to day. I pray for my family and friend this day Lord.


Johnnie - I ask for prayer strength and courage for all those families that are suffering from the volumes of the destroyer and his deceives and their work



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Friday July 20, 2012


Svondo - I just would like for you to pray for us all asking for his mercy and grace and give us a belief and faith and that Svondo quit cursing so much and live for the Lord to worship and love my neighbor and share the Word. Amen.


Adrian - Prayer for Rachel, Mason (11), Elias (6), Morgan (4) to have safety and protection, wisdom and knowledge. Cathy and Joe fro God's favor.


Kenneth - I'm having problems fasting and praying. I've done it in the past and seen the benefits of it both spiritually and physically. But of late I can't seem to bring myself to carry it out. I'm sure it's only because of the holds and restraints that Satan has on me. I ask for prayer that any hold, restraints or bonds he has on me be removed and that I be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit to resists Satan's distractions and temptations and that I perform what God would have me do according to His will.


Lamar - For my daughter Kayla, for my family, brothers and sisters, for my church Third Baptist, Shelly, Jermaine, nieces and nephews, Shinese, Kara and my daughter's mother.


Ron - Pray for my dad's spirituality.


Julio - Pray for me to have patience, trust, forgiveness and true love in my heart, mind, body and soul and God bless my daughter Jade.


Tyree - Pray that I could get closer to my four children and my mother find another job so she could keep a root over her head and be able to feed herself. Pray that my children's mother and me come to an agreement about us.


Eric - Pray for me to grow in the Lord. Keep me in your prayers, I need God more today then ever. Pray for my kids and my family that we have  full healthy life in Jesus' name. Pray for all the people in the world we need it.


Lyvon - Pray for me to continue to make good decisions according to God's will also my family and son that they may seek Christ.




Prayers of Special Note


Paul - Continued healing in facing his circumstances, comfort for his two sons and healing and for his victims



SOCPM Student Alumni for the week of 

July 22 - 28




Balmaro - A student in the current session of Discipleship 101 and a recognized student in Renewing Fatherhood March - June 2012.



James - A former student in Malachi Dads Oct. 2010 - Aug 2011



July 27, 2012

Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries Prayer Requests - July 26, 2012


Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Partner Prayer Request July 26, 2011


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A Headline Prayer of Praise; SOCPM was blessed with an anonymous gift recently was of a significant amount. Do not know if the giver is a recipient of the SOCPM Prayer Request but a bottom of the heart Thank you!


Michelle and I both re ever so thankful for all of you.  

The writer of Psalm 136:1 expresses praise and thanks to our loving God with the words "Give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love endures forever." 


Paul writes to Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:12 "I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his service."


I personally echo the words of Psalm 136:1 in thanks for his provision of love and support through you and raise a prayer of thanks for going me strength and that I remain faithful in my service of stewarding the ministry he has called me to serve him.


To Him be the glory.






For the aforementioned gift!


Renewing Fatherhood & Discipleship 101 classes are underway at Dixon Correctional Center.


Recognized a group of men at East Moline Correctional Center on July 3 and another thirty men at Danville Correctional Center on July 10 for completing New Life Correction's Transforming Incarcerated Dads seminar. 


God's provision allowing me to be a volunteer for New Life Corrections  in the teaching of the Transforming Incarcerated Dads class.


For Holy Spirit's blessing  of illumination in giving me the insight to complete a theology paper.


A partnership with Metanoia Ministries to provide students a third option of Bible study correspondent courses. 





Stewardship of God's provisions


Guidance from the Holy Spirit in  choosing  a curriculum that would not be cost prohibitive in the areas of; how to interpretation/study the Bible, have a confident and fruitful prayer life , how to share your Christian faith and a sanctifying daily devotional. 


Discernment in deciding whether to change the current curriculum of Discipleship  101 with the above curriculum or developing a third class Factors we will be discerning  class scheduling , who to make the class available to.


Sheridan continues to have major changes with the recent and unexpected resignation of their warden who is a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray that the person that is chosen to replace him will be also be a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Words of hope, encouragement and love in the discipleship of Paul an inmate at Kendall County Jail.


A peaceful transition and connecting with fellow believers for John who was discipled in Kendall County Jail but has not been transferred to Menard Correctional Center.  


Safe travels and a successful seminar in a volunteer capacity with New Life Corrections' instruction of 'Transforming Incarcerated Dads' to a class of men at Logan Correctional Center August 6 & 7.


The appointment of a permanent chaplain at Dixon Correctional Center who is a servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Despite the gracious gift, please pray for God's provisions in additional monthly giving to allow continued serving in current capacity, the purchase of future curriculums and the paying myself a small salary to supplement Michelle's and my household expense. 


 Significant progress has been made towards the completion of the home page for SOCPM's  new website and appeal pack. Pray for completion by September 1st .   



Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries
P. O. Box 671
Cortland, Illinois 60112



July 21, 2012

SOCPM Student Prayer Requests July 21, 2012






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Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries

Student Prayer Requests - July 21, 2012




Praise God, the classes at Dixon are underway. It was a joy to see three students from a previous Renewing Fatherhood class in the Discipleship 101 class.


The Sheridan classes continue and continue strongly. Having men still seeking to get in the Discipleship class that is 28 strong, but it is making for some awesome discussions

Quite a few prayer this week so I'll let you begin lifting them up to our AWESOME GOD


Thanks so much for your prayers 


Glory to Him and Him alone. 





Dixon Correctional Center
Wednesday July 18, 2012


Randall - I would like for you to pray for me and my struggles with idols. Pray for togetherness in the family of Christians in Dixon and billing 28


Scott - Pray that I get into Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora and that my mom and sister write me a letter.


William (a student of the Renewing Fatherhood class Nov 2011 - Jan 2012) - To ask God to save my whole household. From my mother to my brothers and my two children and granddaughter to know God and to serve God. Thank you.


Modesto - Please pray for my wife Diana that the Lord deliver her from the spirit of fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. Pray for Diana's and my children that they continue to trust in God and seek His will for their individual lives. Please pray for our President and Government leaders that they humble themselves before God's throne, seek His face for guidance and counsel and stand firm to do His will for our nation.


David (a student of the Renewing Fatherhood class Nov 2011 - Jan 2012) - Please pray that my family will be sable to forgive me and that communication will open up with them again. Also pray for our small group that meets in our dayroom for continued spiritual growth of all the men who participate and may others be led to seek God's will for their lives. Praise Jesus.


Steve (a student of the Renewing Fatherhood class Nov 2011 - Jan 2012) - Pray for my family who is going throng some tough times with my incarceration. They are learning to make the adjustments but it is hard for them.


Ronnie - My prayer is for the program by Scott For all the prayer warriors to pray in one accord for the prisoner's prayers, that the program continue to grow, continue in strength and continue to be blessed by God, that we see our prayers manifest, prison reform is a major need and a loud voice needs to stand up for the renewal to say redemption is true and needs to be recognized.

Name not given - Full healing in Awilda's leg, for the church here at Dixon, my daughter Grace and spiritual strengthening.



Dixon Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Wednesday July 18, 2012


Cecil - Please pray for my family to keep them strong. Pray for my fiancé who continues to support me no matter what. My niece who is pregnant and about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Please pray for everyone who dislikes me or I have hurt in the past. Pray for their well-being. Most of all my mother, I pray for her health to remain strong and keep her going the way she does. Ask for everyone's children fathers of those children to be blessed by our wonderful Lord.


Michael - For my mother and girlfriend while they are going through some tough incarceration that God would show them some mercy.


Carl - Pray that God will magnify himself in each Christian here at Dixon and for the volunteers that come down to help and miser us. Pray we receive a permanent chaplain. Pray for us as fathers that we will use the examples God gives us to be upright dads and he'll bless us with a fortified relationship with our kids, young or old. Pray that we give ourselves totally to God. Pray for our continued health and faith. God bless.


Vincen - Pray for Jessica, she is having a hard time finding a job. She is also having a hard time to find a stable place to stay for her and our 2 kids, Kamahrah and Vincen Jr. I  would like a prayer request that these things would get better for her and our kids. Thank you and God bless.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Discipleship 101 - Friday July 20, 2012


Chris - Please pray for my kids, Alexis, Paige, Kaylee that they are safe and that they get everything they need. Also pray for  Andrea, my wife, that she remain sober, safe and get what she needs and that all of them get everything they need. 


Kenneth - I pray that the Lord strengthen me in my walk, that he empower me to resist temptations of the world and of the world, that he would help me to control my tongue as well as the desires of the flesh. Pray that he would order my steps so that what I do shall be his will and pleasing unto him. Pray to show me how to stay out of the way so I won't stumble over the blocks I will encounter on a daily basis and that I shall live and exhibit the lifestyle that he would have me live. I ask of the Lord that he will reveal to me what his will is concerning where I should go on my release. I don't want to go somewhere for the money they offer, or that that there are woman at that location. I want to go wherever is best for  me and I need the Lord's assistance in making a decision.


Name not given - Pray for me to stay on track, keep me focused and pray for my family and their safety and ask God to find it in his heart to let me get early release. In Christ Jesus name. Amen.


Name not given - Pray for my family's health strength, wisdom for everybody to be taken care of and their sin washed away. Pray for my children's health give her help with her worries and are relationship to get stronger and healthier Amen.


Name to given - I would like you to pray for my mom, sister, two brothers, step-dad and my real dad so when I get out we all can be a happy family again.


Reginald - I pray that God bless Mr. Scott I pray that God bless my family and friends. I pray that God keep me close to him and in the spirit.


Johnnie - I ask for godly direction for all of humanity.


Name not given - Pray for my lustful desires to be removed from me, allow me to wait on God's providence of what I am supposed to have in my life. Pray for my children and grandchildren all family members and loved ones (big brother), continued strength in my relationship with my heavenly Father, continue growing in the programs. 


Dean - I ask for prayer for my father who continues to hang on but still very ill. MY Aunt Harriet who continues to have a rough time battling cancer. Pray for Carolyn who is enduring major health problems with her parents, Ken who lost a dear friend, my Godfather Daniel, my mother and all of my family.


Jesse - I'd like a prayer for my family and loved ones, that God will help the through their times of struggles and help them to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for all my brother here tonight and all the correctional centers around the world, for men, women and children that we all turn our wills and lives over to the Lord Jesus and for Scott that the Lord will help him and give him the words and message that we all need.


Bulmaro - Pray for me when I am released on 7-30-12. I would like prayer for my family, I hope to hear from them soon. Pray for their health and safety. Pray also that I find a job job so that I can help my family. My family is in Mexico. I pray I hear from them by phone.


Antoine - I would like for you first to give thanks and praise to God for his grace and mercy. I ask that you pray for my cellie 'bug' that is trying to attack him will not succeed. That God will deliver him from the grips of sickness. I ask that you pray for us all and our families that we and they will continue to do God's will. I ask that you pray for Soldiers of Christ Prison Ministries to prosper and spread the gospel to all ears that want to hear.


Name not given - I would like to put a prayer request in for Robyn and Jay to find peace in everyday life. I would like prayer for Melanie to find her way to Jesus Christ and to help her with her everyday struggles.


Christopher - Pray that Vaness and I will continue to grow in our relationship for the next 107 days until I go home. Pray that Lex continues to have a smooth pregnancy. Pray that I will be able to talk to her and Vaness before she has the baby girl.


Mario - I'm asking that you pray for me cause I really need a blessing. I have four precious kids about to be lost to DCFS and I don't have the power to keep them from DCFS. I get out in two months from now. I need God to answer my prayers to send me a blessing. Thank you. I'm asking for you to pray for me on giving me the strength to keep seeking God and opening my heart to do his will . I ask that you pray for my family and ask the Lord to bless their hearts.


Name not given - Give thanks to God almighty for this spiritual program and others here at Sheridan. Please pray thy road by God's will will continue to bless ad stay on by Christians. Pray that the beatitudes be apply to our daily lives.


Jon - Requesting prayer for God's favor, grace and mercy in forgiveness in my life.


Anthony - Please pray for my mother Lorette, that she remains in good health and that she is safe while she's at work. Please pray for my son Stephen, that he is safe and that the Holy Spirit be with him. Please pray for my brothers Pete and Gary, that they are both touched by Jesus. Please pray for Scott's wife Michelle that she keep going strong. Please pray for me, Anthony that God help me my last 67 days wisely and also for the strength to help others Please pray for my friend Elizabeth that she be safe on her new journey. Also pray for the victims and their families in the Colorado shooting. Anthony says he had a great week and everything he's praying for has been given to him. It is such a great feeling to have the power of God on his side. Thanks for the prayers.



Sheridan Correctional Center

Renewing Fatherhood - Friday July 20, 2012


Eric - Pray for my family, my kids, friends and me in times like this to know that God will bring me out to be with my kids soon. Amen! Prayer is the key.


Mark - Pray for my family and loved ones. Pray for my son, his mother and her family and loved ones. Pray for all the mothers and fathers who lost their child. Pray for all the inmates world wide.


Lamont - Pray of salvation for my mom, Ms Linda, my sister Ms Lisa and pray for me. Thank you God bless.


Adrian - Pray for my children, Mason (11), Elias (6), Morgan (4) and Rachel that they be given peace and security, that God would bless them to be wise and prosper and come to now Christ.


Tyree - Pray for me to get better with coping with my impulse control, that my mother could find a job so she could keep a roof over her head and that I can get a better relationship with my children's mother.


Lyvon - Pray for me to have the strength to forgive those I hold resentment against.


Lamar - Pray for my daughter Kayla, my family, my daughter's mother and for the victims that got shot during the movie.


Name not given - I ask people to pray fro all the violence that is going on in Chicago, that no more innocent children lose their lives because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Julio - I need my eyes to be opened to see what path God has for me. There are plenty of good and bas choices being given to me and I need to chose the right way, God's way. God bless my child Jade with better health and protection.


Svondo - I would like for you to pray for all of us that we keep giving our praise to our Lord and Savior and that we ask that he keep giving us mercy, grace and keep us with his spirit. Amen




Prayers of Special Note


Paul - I had my first challenging with Paul and it was one of my most challenging  visits as Paul is suffering great emotions pain and distraught. He ask for you to pay for his two boys Drew and Nate, that they are staying strong. e hasn't seen them for four months and though he writes them their mother won't let them write back. He is fearful he will never be with his boys again. Though he professes faith I'm not as confident as I wold like. Please pray Paul can find refuge in God and that he will find peace in God's refuge in being separated from his sons.



SOCPM Student Alumni for the week of 

July 22 - 28






None but please pray for those who have gone previously.